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Washington County Vocational Workshop Year End Report

It’s the end of another year. We have a lot to be thankful for here at the workshop. So many of you in the community continue to donate aluminum cans. This has been a big help in purchasing items for the clients’ use/enjoyment. It is harder to redeem them since the recycling center here in town closed, but my friend and son help me haul them.

Also we thank those who send in Prairie Farms milk caps. We are working on collecting our second 1000 caps. After loading the cap codes, the caps are being recycled. One of the clients take the caps to the Methodist Church where she is a member. The church is saving caps for a recycled bench. The clients like to help recycle the lids from their bottles/drinks.

Our biggest donations come from Kroger’s Community Rewards Program. Each quarter we receive a check from Kroger that gives 3% of the groceries purchased. If you have not signed up, it is never too late. Call 1-800-Kroger and go to Community Rewards. The workshop code # is 90507. If you don’t do it for the workshop, please check with the local schools – some of them are also doing Community Rewards.

All these monies are added to the “can fund”. I use this money for the clients’ wants and needs – especially for activities and special items. With the help we receive from these donations, I have not had to use money from the workshop operating budget for several years.

WCVW has been in operation for over 40 years. The latest political trends is to do away with the sub-minimum wage(workshops). We are all for community jobs if they suit the individual, but many of our clients don’t fit the vocational rehab guidelines. They like to work and make a paycheck; they enjoy spending the money they earn. They also like seeing their friends daily and doing fun things together.

WCVW has a quality program. Our DHS survey was just done before Christmas and we received a 93%. Most of the staff have been at the workshop for many years. It isn’t always an easy job, but helping the clients makes it all worthwhile when you see their smiling faces. Thanks to your help and donations, we plan on being around for years to come.


Renda J. Rabe,

Director of Developmental Training