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Cobbs Celebrate 50 Years Of Marriage

012517 Cobb anniversary NOW C.jpg

At 10am on January 21, 1967, Miss Joan Marie Driggers and USAF Major Richard “Rich” Leon Cobb were wed at Scott Air Force Base. They met in the Philippines, married in the United States, and lived for a number of years in Germany before Rich retired from the Air Force.

They were blessed with four boys in just over five years. Rich called them their four kings, and Joan gave up dreams of culture, calm, and unbroken furniture. They lived for a number of years in Belleville, Illinois, where Rich worked at Scott Air Force Base and Joan worked at home as nurse, maid, counselor, tutor, teacher, driver, cook, etc. for their children.

Rich and Joan have since retired to Nashville. They stay busy with politics, gardening, and their church. They also enjoy visits to and from their 12 grandchildren.

012517 Cobb anniversary THEN C.jpg