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Lamplighters HCE News – January 25, 2017

Lamplighters HCE News

Mary McClay hosted the January meeting of Lamplighters. She opened the meeting with the reading of the Collect in unison. Roll call was answered by telling a favorite household tip. Marjorie May presented an interesting and practical lesson, “Extraordinary Uses for Ordinary Things”. The focus of the lesson was on how you can finish chores, make repairs and clean up messes in a breeze using common items you already have. Mary McClay gave a lesson titled “Staycation and Vacation Planning”.

Mildred Kroener will host the February 8th meeting at the Oakdale Town Hall at 7 pm. The Washington Health Department will give the lesson on “Emergency Preparedness – not just for emergencies”. Anyone is welcome to attend the meeting.

After the meeting was adjourned Mary served delicious refreshments.