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SextingNCHS Superintendent’s Notes – January 25, 2017

By Ernie Fowler – Nashville CHSD #99

It surprises me how frequently young people get involved with this thing called “sexting”.

As a school administrator, I never dreamed this would be such an issue. I can’t comprehend what runs through a person’s mind when they contemplate allowing a nude picture of themselves to be taken.

For that matter, what impresses a person enough to say….”man, I’m naked and look good”, then snap a picture in all of one’s glory. I can never think of a moment in my life that I thought it a good idea to have a visual record of me in my birthday suit….not when I was 15 and definitely not now that I’m 55!

Ladies, here is the truth. If a guy uses some line like he wants to be able to see your body any time he wants in an effort to get you to snap a nude photograph of yourself…..kick this jerk to the curb faster than he can say “smile”.

Any guy who would ask a young lady to participate in a behavior that is potentially damaging to the ladies’ welfare and/or reputation doesn’t deserve to be in your presence. Once that picture is snapped and stored, there is a chance the world will get a full view of it.

A good rule of thumb….never take a picture of anything about yourself that you wouldn’t want to be seen by the whole world. Assume that everyone in your family and the school will see it.

Don’t be silly enough to fall for the notion that the guy loves you so much that he would never do anything to hurt you. If that was the case, the idiot wouldn’t have asked you to take such a picture to begin with!

Now, you guys are not immune from pressure by the ladies either. What I said to the gals goes for you as well. No decent LADY, will ever ask you to place yourself in a compromising position.

Here is a fact, despite what she says, you have no body part that belongs in the Guinness Book of World Records. As studly as she may say you are, your nakedness is not photo worthy!

Guys, never take a picture of yourself that you would not want mom to see if it was placed in the family photo album.

This sexting nonsense can have long term negative consequences.

Two of the most valuable qualities we have are our dignity and self-respect. A click of a camera can take both from us.

Young people, you are precious from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet. You are a gift to your parents and you are important to our school community.

Don’t let anyone devalue you by talking you into giving away your privacy.

Now, repeat after me…..when it comes to pictures, from the shoulders to the knees, it will always be covered when I say “cheese”.