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Water And Sewer Purchases Approved By Council

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By Alex Haglund

The Nashville City Council approved two purchases for the water and sewer department at their regular meeting held on Thursday, January 19.

The first purchase up was a lagoon pump.

“We’ve been replacing these at a rate of about one per year,” said water and sewer committee chair Doug Hargan. “Basically, that’s it, time for a new one.”

Hargan and Utilities Superintendent Blaine Middleton told the board that the units being replaced were kept around as spares and as sources for spare parts should the need arise.

The purchase of the lagoon pump was approved by the council at a cost of $10,444 from Aeration Industries International.

The other purchase approved was for a pickup truck that will go out to the water plant and back regularly. Middleton had gotten approval to seek quotes for the truck at an earlier meeting and brought the numbers to the council at this meeting.

Of the quotes, the one selected, the lowest price quote that met all the criteria specified was from Holzhauer’s, a Dodge Ram 1500 at a cost of $27,889. The purchase was approved by the council.

Middleton also sought council approval to begin work at getting repairs done for the clearwell at the water plant.

“The blocking, the bricks on it, basically, the face of it,” has cracks in it and water/freeze damage, said Middleton.

Middleton said that at this point, the damage was superficial and relatively easy to repair. He wanted to seek bids to get the repairs done before the damage becomes more severe, as the issues in question could become much worse if allowed to continue.


The city honored streets department employee Douglas Hale, who retired effective December 31. Hale was present at the meeting with his wife, Deb.

Hale was employed with the city from August 26, 1996, through the last day of 2016, more than 20 years, and stated to Mayor Raymond Kolweier that he would have stayed longer if her were able to.

Kolweier presented Hale with a plaque as well as a gift and expressed the city’s thanks for Hale’s years of service.


“I would like to go out to bid for some of our city insurance,” Finance and Insurance Committee Chair Erik Rolf requested of the council.

City Clerk Joyce Sheridan stated that the request to seek bids came after Illinois Municipal League Risk Management asked for the opportunity to bid on all city insurance.

Rather than simply allow IMLRM to bid the items on their own, it was decided to advertise for bids because seeking bids for insurance is always how it has been done in the past.


Council member Terry Kozuszek stated that there was a need for a street and alley committee meeting, in concert with the Memorial Park Board, so that the two entities could discuss the bridge leading to the Municipal Golf Course in the park.

Middleton announced that the gas meeting, “the big one” was coming up on March 23, at the American Legion. This is the annual meeting held for gas customers to discuss safety. Middleton said that he will announce it again closer to that time.

Nashville Mayor Raymond Kolweier shakes the hand of Douglas Hale, who retired at the end of 2016 after more than 20 years working for the City of Nashville.