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It Happened Here- February 1, 2017

Eighty Years Ago


Nashville offered to take care of 200 people driven from their homes in southern Illinois between the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers in the worst flood in U.S. history.

Two armed bandits robbed Dr. S. P. Schroeder of about $15 and some narcotics in his office in Nashville.

Haake’s Grocery advertised a large box of White King soap chips for 23 cents.

Deaths: Mrs. Henry Sandmeyer, 70, of Washington, DC; Elizabeth Kasban, 74, of Pilot Knob Township; Nane Elizabeth Coates, 73, of Oakdale; Henry Mentel, 77, of Perry County; Barbara Borcherding, 83, a native of Darmstadt; Carolina Borgmann, 74, of Okawville; Mary Meyer, 45, of New Memphis; and Henry Tipp, 79, of Lively Grove Township.

Seventy-Five Years Ago


Daylight Saving Time was to begin Feb. 9 and remain in effect until six months after the war.

Featured films at the State Theater included “Suspicion” with Cary Grant and “All Through the Night” with Humphrey Bogart.

Local grocery prices showed carrots for 6 cents a bunch.

Deaths: Louis Hasemeier, 76, of Nashville; J. S. “Bud” Washburn, 83, of Nashville; Mary Struever, 76, of Nashville; William Rolf, 91, of Hoyleton; John Hoepker, 74, of Plum Hill; and Mary Grzegorek, 84, of Bolo Township.

Seventy Years Ago


William Toedte retired after 21 years of chauffeuring the mail between the railroad depots and post offices.

A heavy wind and electrical storm did considerable damage to farms west of Lively Grove.

Bacon was 49 cents a pound and ground beef was 37 cents a pound.

Deaths: Margarath Koch, 74, of Covington; Edith Raithel of Oakdale; Anna Wolfe, 68, formerly of Du Bois; William Sheets, 82, a native of Ashley; and Mrs. Charles Stiegman of Harvey.

Sixty-Five Years Ago


A Lions Club with 22 charter members was formed in Hoyleton.

August Becker retired after 59 years in the hardware business in Addieville.

A pound of longhorn cheese was 59 cents and a 35-pound bag of flour was $1.69.

Deaths: Alvina Haake, 74, lifetime resident of Washington County; Edgar Severs, 67, of Jefferson County; and Fred Fenner, 45, of Oakdale.

Sixty Years Ago


Red Ellerbusch’s tavern in New Minden was burglarized, the third time in less than a year.

The Hi-Way cafe in Nashville was re-opened by Walter and Neva Hahn.

Deaths: Henry Finke, 92, of Nashville; Wilhelmine Wreath, 52, of Beaucoup; Valinty Rybicki, 70, of Nashville; Mary Rose Koski, 97, of Tamaroa; Clara Szramkowski of St. Louis; Proxie Saminski of Du Bois; Aniela Kuberski, 63, of Du Bois; Mrs. Al Kessler, 53, of St. Louis; Lydia Kern, 81, a native of Nashville; Eva P. Nowicki, 82, of Jefferson County; Erwin Kaelin, 76, of Centralia; Jesse Sanderson Hale, 79, a native of Washington County; and Mary Hinds, 76, of St. Louis.

Fifty-Five Years Ago


For a second time, the dam at the state lake south of Nashville washed away.

Louis Brink, 64, of Pilot Knob Township was killed in a traffic accident on Route 127 south of Nashville.

Other deaths: Ann Kobus, 69, of Nashville; Paul Brink, 71, of Hoyleton; Rev. Lawrence Cralley of Okawville; Lydia Herzog, 75, a native of Pilot Knob Township; John Buretta, 89, of Ashley; George Kuhn, 61, of Okawville; Louis Bassen, 71, of Hoyleton; Bertha Pawlowski, formerly of Radom; Rose Foehr, 83, of Ashley; Florence Mitchell, 81, of Beaucoup; Mrs. Clarence Hildebrand, 83, a native of Nashville; and Mrs. Christ Meyer of St. Charles, MO.

Fifty Years Ago


Ashley residences burglarized and ransacked belonged to William Walker and George Thompson.

Deaths: Walter Boester, 62, of Okawville; Guy Fox, 75, of Ashley; Emma Krupp, 70, of Pinckneyville; Leona Huck, 76, of Pinckneyville; Jan Sztanderski, 45, of North Boston, NY; Paul Weihe, a native of New Minden; and Vickie Fitzgerrell, 10, of Ina.

Forty-Five Years Ago


Dr. Habibur Rahman opened an office in the Irvington Medical Center.

There were 94 births, 150 deaths and 130 marriages in Washington County during 1971, according to figures supplied by the county clerk’s office.

Menu items at Nelson’s Drive Inn included a hamburger for 20 cents and a deluxe pizza for $2.35.

Deaths: Ida Rohloff, 79, formerly of Nashville; Ruddie Borchelt, 54, formerly of Nashville; Joseph Mierkowski, 49, of Du Bois; Max Lamczik, 67, of Ashley; Cora Ankershell, 92, of New Madrid, MO; William Meyer, 81, of Washington County; Lucian File, 68, of Addieville; Henry Bochantin, 84, of Nashville; Helen Brockmeier, 73, of Okawville; Carl Backsmeyer, 53, of Okawville; Elmer Vogt, 62, of Crystal Lake; Anthony Jansen, 74, of Dearborn, MI; Blanche Paul, 80, formerly of Marissa; Alphonse Buescher, 73, of Venedy; Louis Aussieker, 84, of Centralia; and Wanda Balcerovich, 71, of Radom.

Forty Years Ago


Richard Reinhardt was elected president of the St. Paul’s United Church of Christ congregation.

Both the Ashley State Bank and the Oakdale State Bank declared 100 percent stock dividends.

Deaths: Lottie Reinhardt, 80, of Elkton; Helen Kozuszek, 56, of Pinckneyville; Julianna Lance, 91, formerly of Ashley; George Grathwohl, 85, of Irvington; Freda Bland, 96, of Centralia; and Gladys Neal of Benton.

Thirty-Five Years Ago


Katie Segelhorst (Miss Washington County Fair) and Denise Meyer (Miss Okawville Fair) participated in the Miss Illinois County Fair pageant.

Some certificates of deposit at area banks were paying as much as 14.75 percent.

Neal Borrenpohl, 20, of Venedy, was killed in an auto accident.

Other deaths: Elsie Schlosser, 92, of Okawville; Esther Blumenhorst, 70, of Okawville; Sylvester Kozuszek, 75, of Nashville; Pearl Groennert, 85, of Nashville; Waneta Lampe, 60, of Irvington; Claude Shrum, 72, of Pinckneyville; John Bulan, 82, of Chesterfield, MO; Gertrude Edmiston, 77, of Coulterville; Clarence Sinn, 77, of El Paso, TX.

Thirty Years Ago


Estelle Warntjen was honored for serving 60 years as organist for Zion United Church of Christ in Addieville.

Approximately 45 mayors and other officials from southern Illinois toured the Nascote plant, which was under construction.

Deaths: Wayne Richards, 77, of Nashville; Wilbert Heggemeier, 65, of Kirkland; Edward Tiberend, 89, of Benton; Ida Philps, 61, of Frederick, MD; Jeffrey Phegley, 22, grandson of Dennis Phegley of New Minden, died in the line of duty as a police officer in Ohio; Alma Hodde, 87, of Okawville; Laura Engele, 79, of Nashville; Josephine Szcuka, 85, of Ashley; Edith Millspaugh, 69, of Ashley; John Tulo Sr., 65, of Cicero.

Weddings: Sheila Grathwohl and Matthew Burcham; Pat Restoff and Brad Liszewski; and Susie Kuberski and Stuart Swallers.

Twenty-Five Years Ago


Jeff Donnan was named manager of Washington County Farm Bureau.

The benefit hat auction for Johannisburg Grade School received front page coverage in the St. Louis Post Dispatch.

Catherine McQuaid was a winner in the 18th annual Southern Illinois Regional Scholastic Art Awards. Her batik of a butterfly advanced to New York for the national competition.

Rep. Dick Durbin discussed agriculture issues with Washington County Farm Bureau leaders in Nashville.

NCHS Hornettes won the consolation championship at the Highland Invitational Tournament. Okawville Lady Rockets finished second, losing to Wesclin in the title game. Tiffany Schuessler of Nashville and Kari Pruehsner of Okawville were all-tournament selections.

Deaths: August Kwiatkowski, 90, of Nashville; Robert Cunningham, 81, of Marine; Paul Hunter, 79, of Piscataway, NJ; Lena Gottel, 89, of Connecticut; Frank Sikorski, 76, of Radom; Gilbert Kroeger, 78, of Hoyleton; Mildred Myers, 74, of Centralia; Iva Bowers, 96, of Pinckneyville; Jimmy Seyler, 67, of Urbana; Robert Mahle, 45, of Centralia; Elmer Brink, 82, of Centralia; and John Shaw Sr., 56, of Belleville.

Births: Kathy and Norb Ryterski of Pinckneyville, a daughter; Mr. and Mrs. Steve Szopinski (Judi Logsdon) of Richview, a son; Dan and Terri Barnett of San Diego, CA, twin sons; and Mr. and Mrs. Rick Krone (Connie Wojtowicz) of Du Quoin, a son.

Twenty Years Ago


David Koelling, office administrator of the Washington County Public Aid Office, accepted a Welfare Reform Performance Award.

Diane Weber was named tourism coordinator in Okawville.

The Hornets finished third at the NIT, the Hornettes were second at Carbondale, the Rockets won the Benton Tournament and the Lady Rockets were second at Highland.

Creeks and waterways were flooded when over two inches of rain fell on frozen ground.

State Bank of St. Libory offered new car loans at 7.75-8.50 percent interest.

Deaths: Alex Piasecki, 79, of Nashville; Mary Musial, 96, of St. Louis; Bernice Wessel, 67, of Carlyle; Ralph Rabe, 42, of Coulterville; Eugene Bierman, 69, of Centralia; Lorene Mentel, 91, of Pinckneyville; Floyd Roper, 80, of Irvington; Maxine Corbett, 73, of Florissant, MO; Louis Piasecki, 85, of Nashville; Alex Morgan, 81, of Okawville; Esther Brightwell, 78, of Okawville; and Kenneth Fark, 74, of Centralia.

Wedding: Lori Halley and Scott Worley.

Births: Tim and Leslie (King) Pedtke of Nashville, a son; and Neil and Judy (Suchomski) Limper of Springfield, a daughter.

Fifteen Years Ago


Irvington Fire Chief Tim Coats was looking for some volunteers to augment the department’s 11 firefighters.

Nashville Police Chief Dick Shew warned senior citizens of a tree-trimming scams operating in this area.

Well-known WGN farm broadcaster Orion Samuelson was the guest speaker at the Washington County Farm Bureau annual meeting.

Lacey Baldwin was looking forward to performing with the Rams cheerleaders after St. Louis advanced to Super Bowl XXXIV in Atlanta.

Belva Fark, 74, of Centralia was found dead in a pond north of Richview.

Other deaths: Mary George, 81, of Mexico, MO; Rosemary Morange, 91, of Ashley; Eva Czajkowski, 91, of Creve Coeur, MO; Harriet Eggert, 75, of St. Louis; Adeline Doelling, 86, of Sioux City, IA; Henrietta Ferguson, 76, of Mt. Vernon; Toni Vandaveer, 54, of Aurora, MO; and Bernice Kaufman, 63, of St. Louis.

Wedding: Gina Poe and Craig Ratajczyk.

Births: Brad and Rhonda (Trentman) Schmitz of St. Libory, a son; Scott and Lori (Miessner) Felts of Bolingbrook, a son; Christopher and Rebecca (Pray) Harkness of Oakdale, a son; and Doug Bequette and Jill Borrenpohl of Nashville, a son.

Ten Years Ago


Don Hawkins was honored as Nashville Citizen of the Year.

New Nashville Chamber of Commerce officers were Marv Asher, president; Jeff Rabenort, president-elect; Jennifer Szopinski, secretary; Darlene Schomaker, treasurer. Cheryl Zapp was honored for 10 years as executive director.

Elaine Matzenbacher was the new chief financial officer at Washington County Hospital.

Carol Kraft was recognized for 30 years as organist at Zion United Church of Christ in Addieville.

The Hornets at 22-0 were sporting the best record in the school’s history.

Births: Rodney and Becky George of Nashville, a son; Eric and Casey Bochantin of Nashville, a son.

Deaths: Larry Day, 69, of Okawville; Regina Heisner, 86, formerly of Pinckneyville; Karen McNealy, 50, of Woodlawn.

Wedding: Catrina Patton and Christopher Barnhart.

Five Years Ago


The Washington County Hospital Board approved the elimination of three positions at the hospital, along with the closing of the cafeteria to the public, in order to reduce costs in the face of a worsening financial situation.

The Prairie State Energy Campus made preparations to switch over from construction to power generation.

Okawville Schools Superintendent Scott Fuhrhop told the school board that he planned for the district to use revenue from a proposed one-percent sales tax to repay new school bonds.

A Nashville home on the 300 block of E. Alton was destroyed by a fire.

Madisyn Evans was born on December 27, 2011, to Josh and Haley Evans of Nashville.

Engagement and Weddings: Emily Sherman and Steve Trentman announced plans for a March 31 wedding. Sue Roethemeyer and Gilbert Lause were wed on January 14; Kelly Stalnaker and Bret Prange were wed on Nov. 5, 2011; Angela Patton and Joshua Maschhoff were wed on Nov. 19, 2011.

Deaths: Mildred Burns, 83, of Blue Springs, Mo., Jan. 27; Walter Kottmeyer, 92, formerly of Hoyleton, Jan. 29; Rebecca Nowicki, 86, formerly of rural Ashley; Lia Bush, 79, of Mt. Vernon, formerly of Nashville, Jan. 25; Larry Weihe, 62, of rural Okawville, Jan. 28; Dale Hassell, 85, of Hoyleton, Jan. 30; Earl Althoff, 87, Jan. 4; Edward Jurkowski, 83, of Southhaven, Miss., formerly of DuBois, Jan. 7.

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