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It Happened Here: February 8, 2017

Eighty Years Ago


Otto Kasten of the Randolph Monument Works in Nashville announced plans to build a new plant in the west part of town.

Pure hog lard was 15 cents a pound and hamburger was two pounds for 27 cents at the local Kroger Store.

Deaths: Mary Huggins, 82, formerly of Nashville; Anna Going, 69, of Covington; and Sylvene Vernor, formerly of Nashville.

Seventy-Five Years Ago


Dr. William Cohlmeyer of DeSoto, MO took over the Nashville dental practice of S. S. Pero, who had been called to active military duty.

Rationing was expanded to include re-capped tires, automobiles and sugar.

“The Wolf Man” with Claude Rains and Lon Chaney Jr. was playing at the State Theater.

Lump coal was 10 cents a bushel.

Deaths: Mayor George Barton, 64, of Nashville; and Harriet Brown, 85, of Nashville.

Seventy Years Ago


The Addieville Post office was robbed. An attempted robbery also took place at Willie Hoffman’s tavern west of Nashville. The Lyle Stokes service station in Richview was also burglarized with the loss of $314.60 in tires, tubes, cigarettes, tools, spark plugs, light bulbs and pennies.

Paul Frederking was named office manager at the Lorenz Bottling Co. in Nashville.

Bob Miller opened a plumbing and heating shop in Nashville.

Joe Berry opened a food shop in the west end of Nashville.

A small tornado struck the Stone Church area. Three farms were damaged including those of Ed Wolfe, Ed Jasper and William Jasper.

Deaths: Isaac Reidelberger, 88, of Nashville; Rudolph Heckert, 74, of Stone Church; Edith Raithel, 65, of Oakdale; Minnie Stiegman, 57, formerly of New Minden; Frank Nall, 64, of St. Louis; Mrs. John Leruch of Eureka, CA; and C. A. Clary of Fort Scott, KS.

Sixty-Five Years Ago


Narcotics and cash valued at approximately $100 was taken in a robbery at Dr. Charles Longwell’s office in Nashville. The same night Byron House’s office in the Holston building was robbed of $145.

A fire destroyed a chicken house at Bowman Williamson’s place.

Saltines were 29 cents a pound.

Wayne Darwin Hill, 17, and James Sterrett, 14, both of Ashley, were killed in a two-car accident south of Centralia.

Other deaths: Louis Peithman, 77, of Hoyleton; Esther Currier, 46, a native of Washington County; William Garrison, 65, of Stevenson, TX; George Miller, 59, of Waterloo; and Mrs. R. B. Norcom, 77, of Nashville.

Sixty Years Ago


Audrey Huck was named the Betty Crocker Homemaker for Tomorrow in Nashville.

Marshal Ross Raines of Ashley wounded one of three burglars attempting to break into Aut’s store.

Orville Poirot sold the Cash Produce Co. to Clarence Reinkensmeyer.

Deaths: Ina Farris, 77, of Nashville; Bertha Weeke of Frogtown; Lottie Lang, 64, formerly of Ashley; Mrs. Fred Rather, formerly of Nashville; Lucy Ponting, 89, of Taylorville; Joseph Kretz, 88, of Du Bois; Anna Jasper, 61, of Stone Church; Charles Sprehe, 94, of Hoffman; Philip Juenger Sr., 84, of Biddleborn; John Yereb, 73, of Belleville; and Mrs. Otto Schmidt Jr., 59, of La Porte, IN.

Fifty-Five Years Ago


Five people were killed in the worst auto accident in Washington County history seven miles east of Nashville. Eight others were injured.

Hubert Reinhardt bought the Gaffner Jewelry Store in Nashville.

Four sheep and one Holstein calf were killed by dogs on the Leroy Kuhn farm near Okawville.

Deaths: Charles Campbell, 55, of Nashville; William Nagel, 92, of Okawville; Florence Frese, 82, of Ashley; Elmer Struckmeyer of St. Louis; Marion Benedict, 77, of Hoyleton; John Buretta, 87, of Radom; Hugo Holtgrewe, 55, of Okawville; Barbara Thompson, 10-month-old daughter of Charles and Maryanne Thompson of Centralia; Lillian May Droddy, 80, of Richview; Lyle Kane, 29, of Centralia; Myrtle Sanders, 74, of Centralia; John Yoder of Windber, PA; Jo Ann Livesay, 6, of Lawrenceville; Edwin Prebel, 54, a life-long resident of Washington County.

Fifty Years Ago


Approximately $250 in tools were taken in a burglary at the Theodore Wilke farm.

Lester Campbell was nominated on the Republican Party ticket for his first full term as supervisor in Nashville Township.

Liquor and money were taken in the burglary of the Warren Borchelt tavern.

Mrs. William Mazander of Oakdale was seriously burned when her clothing caught fire as she was cooking breakfast.

Rather’s Laundramat held its grand opening.

Deaths: Fred Henry Boester, 93, of Covington Township; Lydia Detering, 88, of Addieville; Edwin Backs, 67, of Edwardsville; Sophia Windler, 76, of New Minden; Alfred Sieffert, 75, a native of Addieville; Galleta Woodrome, 72, a native of Ashley; Kenneth Eugene Nikrant, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Nikrant of Radom; and Caroline Dunnerman, 92, a Nashville native.

Forty-Five Years Ago


Kathleen Tuttle was named Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow at Nashville Community High School.

Fire destroyed a vacant mobile home near the new state highway department building near Nashville.

Icy roads caused the closing of schools in the county for two days.

Lorraine Grzegorek was named Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow at Ashley High School.

Deaths: Cecil Wetzel, 69, of Beaucoup; Lena Neabuhr, 79, of Irvington; Oval Phelps, 58, of Ashley; Elizabeth Fruit, 82, of Woodlawn; Joseph Perjak of Madison; Frances Bowles, 53, of O’Fallon; John Johnson, 49, of Cheyenne, WY; Edna Voyles, 70, a native of Ashley; and Agnes Waldman, formerly of Du Bois.

Forty Years Ago


Raymar, Inc., owned by Mr. and Mrs. Ray Caplinger, purchased Nashville Dairy Queen.

Deaths: Orval Schwartzkopf, 56, of Du Bois; Otto Maschhoff, 74, a native of Hoyleton; Alfred Chesney, 70, of St. Louis; Irwin Finke, 86, a native of Nashville; Fay Cooper, 63, of Carrier Mills; Charles Freesmeier, 66, of Johannisburg; Tillie McCreight, 76, a native of Plum Hill Township; Thomas Niedbalski, 71, a native of Bolo Township; Stella Edmond, 88, of Irvington; Eva Miller, 82, of Irvington; and Anton Sommer, 87, of Venedy.

Thirty-Five Years Ago


A record snowfall dropped 17 inches of snow on the area. Unofficial figures showed 23 inches near Centralia.

Plans were being made to honor Luella Lehde on her 100th birthday.

Yuban coffee was $2.44 at Reinkensmeyer’s Store in Hoyleton.

Deaths: Catherine Zacheis, 73, of Steeleville; Antonina Grott, 87, a former Nashville resident; Oliver Pieper, 61, of Venedy; David Brown, 58, of Streator; Blanche Smyth, 74, of Okawville; Anna Aldag, 95, formerly of Hoyleton; HildaPaul, 68, of Wood River; and Oscar Dannaman, 77, of Carlyle.

Thirty Years Ago


Belleville Hospice presented a program at Washington County Hospital. The organization was expanding to area hospitals.

County unemployment rate was 9.6 percent, compared to an 11.9 rate in December of 1985.

Deaths: Joseph Kwiatkowski, 76, of Beaucoup; John Kowalski, 86, in Garden City, KS; Ray Webber Jr., 50, of St. Louis; Lee Sims, 66, of Centralia; Marion Przygoda, 58, of Arnold, MO; Max Krisby, 61, of Cutler; and Mary Ann Missavage, 87, of Royalton.

Twenty-Five Years Ago


Secretary of State George Ryan reached an agreement with the General Services Employees Union that would allow the drivers services facility in Nashville to remain open.

Greg Fundlach of Belleville was hired as superintendent of Nashville Golf Course.

Washington County’s unemployment rate jumped to 12.1 percent for December, the highest mark in recent memory.

Susan and Kurt Kesel of Kesel Hardware moved their housewares department into the former Clothes Line and Boester’s Shoes building next door, doubling their floor space. The Clothes Line and Boester’s Shoes had moved to the former Borowiak Department Store building next to Magna Bank.

Dr. James Lathrop, formerly of Nashville, performed a lapascopic-assisted bowel resection at Saginaw General Hospital in Michigan, one of the first operations of that kind in the nation.

Lee’s Variety was offering two pounds of chocolates for $16.99 as a Valentine’s Day special.

Deaths: Joseph Jansen, 91, of St. Libory; Orville Reichling, 68, of Walsh; James Kellerman, 82, of Oakdale; Margaret Decker, 83, of Longboat Key, FL; Carol Bigham, 46, of Tamaroa; Blake Weber, infant son of Craig and Linda Weber of New Athens; Howard Plunkett, 84, of Eldorado; Alice Lehmann, 84, of Centralia; and Earl “Jake” Schuff, 73, of Okawville.

Wedding: Heather Brooks and Robert Opp.

Births: Mr. and Mrs. Dave Deimeke (Missy Holzhauer) of Albers, a son; and Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Jurkowski (Sonja Hale) of Festus, MO, a son.

Twenty Years Ago


Over nine inches of snow fell on Washington County in January, and the mercury dipped to seven degrees below zero.

The county’s unemployment rate stood at 5.1 percent.

Steven Tomaszewski was named press secretary for Congressman John Shimkus.

Heartling Radio Shack planned to offer a local access phone number for internet users.

Marsha Holzhauer and Chad Kasten opened a law office in Nashville.

Heart-shaped boxes of candy for Valentine’s Day ranged from $1.99 to $10.99 at Lee’s Variety Store.

Deaths: Morey Stieg, 81, of Nashville; Fr. Eugene Bungay, 74; Hazel Reuter, 87, of Nashville; John Boismenue, 86, of Tamaroa; Hilda Yehling, 89, of Nashville; Donald Obermeier, 52, of Hoffman; Clara Kozakiewicz, 95, of Ashley; Harold Woolever, 65, of Blue Mound; Velma Ledin, 84, of Du Quoin; Marie Reins, 80, of Nashville; and Caroline Herbert, 73, of Nashville.

Wedding: Trina Karl and Shawn Vetter.

Births: Terry and Leigh Ann (Kirby) Yehling of Okawville, a daughter; Keith and Marlo (Brown) Mikle of Auburn, GA, a son; and Drs. Alex and Marianne (Malcharek) Manera of O’Fallon, a son.

Fifteen Years Ago


Washington County received a $90,000 state grant to develop a nature preserve on a 40-acre tract donated by Dale and Vernita Storck.

Nashville High School, Irvington District 11 and Ashley District 15 each received $50,000 federal grants for building improvements.

County law enforcement agencies offered free drug testing kits to parents as a way to prevent drug abuse.

Six inches of snow was recorded here in January.

Matt Gajewski spoke at Nashville Middle School on his experiences as a player for the Texas Rangers farm club.

Sewing Solutions announced a going out of business sale.

Deaths: Leona Maschhoff, 80, of Nashville; Janet King, 61, of Irvington; Otis Carver Sr., 69, of Addieville; Frances Grzechowiak, 84, of Dellwood, MO; Bernice Artz, 79, of St. Louis; Raymond Graul, 85, of Mascoutah; Juanita Miller, 59, of Centralia.

Weddings: Allison Brown and Edward Tackney; and Erin Kostecki and Thomas Gale.

Births: Steve and Michelle (Marlow) Doebber of St. Louis, a son; Jeff and Shelly (Borowiak) Love of Nashville, a son; Kevin and Jessica (Engelman) Stegman of Hoyleton, a daughter; Bill and Amy (Wolters) Harris of Tamaroa, a daughter; Mr. and Mrs. Paul Morgan III of Centralia, a daughter; Katherine Ann Bergmann of Swansea announced the adoption of a son, Matthew Ryan.

Ten Years Ago


Local Farm Bureau manager Matt Fornoff resigned to become a Peace Corps volunteer in Africa.

St. Peter’s UCC in Stone Church was set to celebrate its 150th anniversary.

Candidates for four seats on NCHS Board were Randy Ruggles, Doug Snead, Ron Ogrzewalla, Keith Reckmann, Evelyn Hankins and Ron Brown.

Running for three seats on Nashville City Council were Terry Kozuszek, Cindy Barczewski, Sue Finke, Rusty Redman and Dean Huge.

Unemployment in the county stood at 3.5 percent.

A dozen Valentine’s roses were $20 at Flowers Plus & More.

Births: Brian and Kristen Fletcher of Nashville, a daughter; Alex Barsos and Charissa Lee of Tuscola, a son; MSgt. Alicia and Darrell Vinson of North Dakota, a son.

Deaths: Mabel “Granny” George, 98, of Nashville; Stanley Schuessler, 76, of Nashville; Ben Wesselmann, 63, of Troy; John Prusacki, 93, formerly of Tamaroa; Agnes Rothluebbers, 86, of St. Libory; Melba Martens, 84, of Nashville; Judith Bathon, 63, of Tamaroa; Anita Knolhoff, 85, of New Minden; Cletus “Corky” Files, 79, of Smithton; Larvin Deterding, 66, of Belleville.

Wedding: Brian Klingenberg and Rebecca Chwascinski.

Five Years Ago


NCHS had an educational assembly where the dangers of synthetic drugs were discussed.

Despite rumors in the community that Nashville Community High School was dealing with complaints regarding an employee, the NCHS administration stated that they did not discuss personnel matters in public.

Wheelchair rugby athlete Chuck Melton, of Hoyleton, set his sights on paralympic gold.

The Washington County Ambulance Department entered a new vehicle into service.

Birth: Nora Rae Humphrey was born on January 27 to Ryan and Betsy Humphrey of Brownsburg, Ind.

Engagements and weddings: Erica Gebke and Matthew Riechmann announced plans for an April wedding; Malinda Fark and Gregory Stear announced their plans for a June wedding; Roxzen Pelczynski and Joshua Knapp were wed on Sept. 17, 2011.

Deaths: Dale Hassell, 85, of Hoyleton, Jan. 30; Julia Swiney, 37, of DuQuoin, Feb. 5; Deborah Meyer, 57, of Nashville, Feb. 1; Lambert Nowak, 75, of Posen, Jan. 24; George Winka, 81, of St. Louis, Jan. 27; Geneva Baney, 83, of West Frankfurt, Feb. 4.

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