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NCHS Board Repays Loans, But More Likely To Be Needed Soon

By Alex Haglund

The NCHS Board voted to repay several loans taken from the district’s working cash fund earlier in the year at their meeting held on Monday, January 23.

“We have received about 90-percent of the taxes from Washington County,” NCHS Superintendent Ernie Fletcher told the board.

The loans being repaid included:

• $84,000 repaid from the bond and interest account back to working cash

• $50,000 from IMRF to working cash

• $170,000 from Tort to working cash

• $100,000 from transportation to working cash

“I will caution you,” said Fowler on the subject of the transportation account, “within the next month, I will probably be asking you for another loan from working cash to transportation.”

Transportation is something that traditionally has been paid for with the assistance of money from the state of Illinois. In the past decade though, while state slow pay and no pay policies have had a profound effect on general state aid, the effect on payments to school districts for transportation have been at times even more severe.

Fowler told the board that the district has not yet received any payments at all for transportation from the state of Illinois for FY (Fiscal Year) 17, and stated that the last payment for FY16, which ended on July 1, was just received about a month ago.

FFA Greenhouse Fund

The board approved of the creation of a greenhouse fund for the FFA Activity account.

As the NCHS FFA moves forward with their upcoming greenhouse project, this fund was created to keep money that has been raised or donated specifically for the new greenhouse separate from other money in the general FFA fund.


The board reviewed the status of closed session board minutes and voted to keep them closed.

The board voted on the status of closed session audio recordings older than 18 months and approved their destruction.

The board approved both the noncertified seniority list and the evaluation of Superintendent Ernie Fowler.

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