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Senior Trip To Chicago Discussed By Okawville School Board

By Jill Moon

The West Washington County District #10 School Board met January 26. Members discussed the senior class trip to Chicago.

Students will leave April 16 and return April 21 and will cost $1,200 per student.

Two chaperones are going from the school and two male chaperones will be provided by the service.

Superintendent Scott Fuhrhop told the board that students would be very busy during the trip which would include a stop at the new memorial to 9/11.

Bills were reviewed which included a $3,800 payment to Kaskaskia for services provided to students who live in the district but go to parochial schools.

The bill is paid quarterly and, as those students are part of the tax base, Okawville schools are required to pay for certain services for them.

The school also had to pay for two boiler motor repairs. Fuhrhop explained that there would be annual updates needed every year.

Closed session minutes from July through December 2016 were approved to be made public.

The Teacher Aide Reduction in Force list for 2017-2018 was approved. They will be hired back on an as-needed basis according to seniority.

Principal Leon Spinka reported a 97-percent attendance rate currently in the grade school and a 95.7-percent attendance rate in the high school.

He said there had been 316 discipline incidents in the high school so far, but 155 of those were tardy incidents.

The grade school  had 105 discipline incidents. Spinka said these figures are very close to the corresponding figures from last year.

Fuhrhop reported that the school had received a new flag from the American Legion to fly at the main door.

He also said the question of school funding was still unsettled in Springfield.

Many issues were being discussed including higher taxes and a required $5000 test for lead in schools.

Fuhrhop told the board he had recently learned that schools are going to be required to replace all  fire extinguishers after five years.

State officials say that being able to fully fund schools remains a priority.

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