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Ora Mae Droege 824-6326
St. Salvator Lutheran Church, Venedy
Rev. Art Eichhorn, Pastor
9:00 am – Sunday School
10:00 am – Sunday Worship
Service – Sixth Sunday of Epiphany – Deuteronomy 30: 15 – 20; I Corinthians 3: 1 – 9; Matthew 5: 21 – 37
St. John’s United Church of Christ, Johannisburg
Rev. Bill Groennert, Pastor
8:30 am – Sunday Morning Worship Service
The January and February Mission Project is CHOW, for Okawville Schools
“God loves you and there is nothing you can do about it!”
One of the original St Louis Blues and among the most popular player in franchise history of the Blues, Bob Plager, had his number 5 jersey retired Thursday evening prior to the St Louis Blues-Toronto Maple Leafs hockey game. What a wonderful evening it was as my son Steve Droege and I went to the game at Scottrade Center.
It was part of my Christmas present from Steve & Gina, as Bob had been my favorite player.
Blues won 5 to 1. Was that a coincident that the Blues scored 5 goals on the evening of retiring Bob’s number 5 jersey? Bob played 11 years with the Blues and has been in the Blues organization 50 years. Bob bleeds Blue, twice he remarked, “It’s not the name on the back of the jersey but the crest on the front”.
A very touching moment was when Bob’s banner was being raised, it stopped half way up and his brother Barclay’s banner came down to meet, then both banners went up to the rafters together. Barclay’s jersey was retired in March of 1981.
Seems there were many Super Bowl parties around Sunday. Hope your team won!
The one thing we can never get enough of is love, and the one thing we never give enough is love.
This Week in History:
February 8, 1926 – Walt Disney Studios formed
February 9, 1964 – GI Joe Character created
February 10, 1961 – Niagara Falls hydroelectric project begins producing power.
February 11, 1809 – Robert Fulton obtained a patent for the Steamboat
February 12, 1809 – Abraham Lincoln was born
February 13, 1997 – Dow-Jones tops 7,000 mark for the first time.
February 14 – Valentine’s Day
Whats the best part about Valentine’s Day? The day after, when chocolate goes on sale!
Although our Winter season hasn’t been too bad, someone informed me that it is less than 45 days till Spring, March 20. Someone must be counting.
Gina Droege, Paula Sherman & Stephanie Fahrner went to Athens Illinois on Saturday to pay their respects and attend the Celebration of Life for their Uncle, Ron Sczurko.
Clever uses for
white bread:
Clean your coffee grinder, put a couple of chunks of stale bread in your grinder and pulse a few times and dump out. The grounds lurking in the corners will stick to the crumbs.
Degrease soups and sauces, to easily remove oil that has risen to the top, simply place a stale piece of bread on top and let it float for a few seconds, then remove it.
Erase photo smudges, make a ball out of a few pieces of stale bread,gently swipe it across fingerprint covered photos. The porous bread absorbs oils without scratching.
Fun Fact – Wonder Bread’s name was inspired by the “Wonder” of the sight of the International Balloon Race of 1921.
“Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.”
– William Shakespeare

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