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It Happened Here: February 15, 2017

Eighty Years Ago


Nashville City Council raised the salary of the waterworks superintendent from $70 to $100 per month.

August Sachtleben of Hoyleton was elected president of the Washington County Agricultural Conservation Association at its annual meeting.

Deaths: Claude Martin, 56, of Nashville; Fred Thorman, 66, a native of Nashville; Anna Wessel, 87, of St. Libory; Eva Jankowski, 57, of Nashville; Louise Hohman, 85, of Nashville; Vernon Ardell Edwards, 46, a native of Beaucoup Township; L. N. Schowengerdt, 56, of Kansas City, KS; Mrs. Charles Schmidt, 77, formerly of Okawville; and August Seiffert, 71, a native of Okawville.

Seventy-Five Years Ago


Walter Bohbrink of Okawville took over the duties of fire warden for Lively Grove Township. He replaced Elmer Moehlman.

Local grocery prices included five pounds of apples for 25 cents and cabbage at 4 1/2 cents per pound.

Deaths: Rev. Henry Thomas, 73, of Irvington; John Foehr, 69, of Ashley; and Mathilda Kampe, 72, of Addieville.

Seventy Years Ago


Fire destroyed the home of Miss Lou Lorenz. Damage was estimated at $40,000, the worst residential fire in Nashville history.

The Cordes Church was sold at public auction to Fred Schorfheide.

Deaths: Agatha Leffner, 68, of Ashley; Judge June Smith, 70, of Centralia; Louise Schneider of St. Louis; and Carwin Blackmun of St. Paul, MN.

Sixty-Five Years Ago


You could buy a large twin loaf of potato bread for 16 cents and a pound of cottage cheese for 23 cents at Eigenrauch’s Tom Boy Market.

Deaths: William Frederking, 73, a native of Washington County; Anna Kotowski, 67, of Radom; Lawrence Bock, 80, of Jefferson County; Henry Roethemeyer, 86, of Nashville; Carl Wielenberg of Chicago Heights; Mathilda Hogan, 100, a native of Okawville; and Anna Becker Schroedel, formerly of Hoyleton.

Sixty Years Ago


“Cheaper By The Dozen” with Clifton Webb and Jeanne Crain was featured at the State Theater in Nashville.

Local grocery prices included pork sausage at three pounds for 88 cents and head lettuce at 15 cents each.

Deaths: Thomas Gillespie, 92, of Lively Grove; Cora McKenzie, 54, of Ashley; Amos Baldridge; Minnie Reebe, 91, a native of Washington County; George Akins, 89, of Fayette County; Harry Hartstick of Coulterville; and Charles Cunningham, 59, of Salem.

Fifty-Five Years Ago


Katy Hoffman’s Cloverleaf Tavern was robbed of $100 worth of whiskey and eight cartons of cigarettes.

Farmers and Merchants National Bank in Nashville was paying four percent on 12-month renewable time certificates of deposit.

Deaths: Lester Gholson of Cape Girardeau, MO; Theodore Kliz, 91, of Radom; William Husmann, 61, a native of Hoffman; Virgil Seibert, formerly of Ashley; Carolyn Vaughn, 61, formerly of Nashville; Alice Cohlmeyer, 82, formerly of Nashville; and Michael Szatkowski, 66, a native of Radom.

Fifty Years Ago


Janet Liszewski was crowned queen of the FHA sweetheart dance.

Patrick Povolish and Patrick Forys earned their Eagle Scout awards.

Deaths: Walter Snyder, 80, of Nashville; John Ellermeyer, 75, of Du Bois; Margaret Mazander, 69, of Oakdale; Eva Bower, 92, a native of Addieville; William Phillips of Fresno, CA; Mary Kerry, 47, of Du Bois; Martin Busekrus, 73, a native of Covington; Dewey Henderson Jr., 36, of St. Louis; Bernard Fischer, 70, of St. Libory; Ann Szczepanski, 75, of Du Bois; and Claudia Hope, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Hemminghaus of New Minden.

Forty-Five Years Ago


Fire destroyed a truck at the Doelling Truck Service shed in Addieville. A separate fire destroyed the home of Mrs. Lucian File, also in Addieville, two days later.

Four cabins and a travel trailer were broken into near Covington.

Deaths: Effie Brandhorst, 75, a native of Nashville; Gustav Twenhafel, 76, a native of Hoyleton; Charles Roe, 71, of Irvington; Theodore Gogolek, 56, of Nashville; Verlia Hagebush, 75, a native of Addieville; Kenneth Totten, 64, of Olney; Ewert Wright of St. Louis; and William “Rollie” Niederhofer, 79, of Ashley.

Forty Years Ago


Washington County recorded 23 inches of snowfall in January surpassing all one-month records. The old record was 14 inches in January 1930.

Edgar Krupp purchased the King Funeral Home in Nashville.

Sirloin steak was $1.48 a pound and 10 pounds of red potatoes were $1.19.

“Play Misty For Me” starring Clint Eastwood was the featured movie at the State Theatre in Nashville.

Lauri Hake of Nashville was named General Mills Family Leader of Tomorrow.

Tina Wiese of Nashville won first place in the DAR Trails Crossing Chapter history essay contest.

Deaths: Augusta Eigenrauch, 84, of Addieville; Ida Decker, 91, of Centralia; Louise Glauert, 84, of Mascoutah; George Cameron, 76, of Sparta; Walter Pfeil, 84, formerly of Nashville; Esther Hotz, 64, a native of Hoyleton; Fred Cunningham, 79, of Anna; Harrietta Session, 48, of Centralia; Robert McMillan, 37, of Cahokia; Rev. John Nall, 62, formerly of Herrin; Ida Redeker, 88, a native of New Minden; and Amy Carroll, 94, of Irvington.

Thirty-Five Years Ago


The Washington County unemployment rate was 8.1 percent.

The Old Exchange National Bank of Okawville opened a new addition to its facility.

January snowfall registered 31.3 inches. Over eight inches of snow fell during the first week of February.

Officers at Trinity Lutheran Church included Albert Dinkelman, president; Paul Droste, vice-president; Ron Struckmeyer, secretary; and Norman Engele, treasurer.

Whole fryers were 47 cents a pound and Dr. Pepper was $1.19 for eight, 16-ounce bottles.

Julie Unverfehrt of Okawville was crowned Illinois Pork Industry Queen in Springfield.

Deaths: Clara Backs, 82, of Nashville; Eva Logan, 89, of Centralia; James. “Geno” Baldridge, 52, formerly of Centralia; Mary Lincoln, 54, of Okawville; Harold Seyler, 47, a native of Nashville; Robert Place, 50, of Pinckneyville; and Rosalie Powers, 56, of Coulterville.

Wedding: Alice Weber and Rick Joellenbeck.

Thirty Years Ago


Area legislators pledged to halt the Illinois Department of Transportation’s plan to initiate water user service charges on the Kaskaskia River.

Discussion on a Nashville city ordinance to govern the operation of raffles and bingo games was tabled by the city council.

A room at the U.S. Inn was $13.30 plus tax per person.

Nashville High School’s girls junior varsity basketball team lost to Carlyle, 37-24, ending a 69-game winning streak.

Deaths: Eleanor Dreas, 78, of Nashville; Earl Wright, 77, of Pinckneyville; Harry Homann, 87, of Centralia; Irene Fricke, 76, of Addieville; Grace Kerr, 79, a native of Oakdale; Clarence Taylor, 30, a native of Nashville; Harry Kaufman, 79, of Nashville; Harold Steinmann, 70, of Centralia; and Angel Lynn Majewski, infant daughter of Kenneth and Debra Majewski.

Wedding: Shawn Winkle and Michael Reuter.

Twenty-Five Years Ago


Brad Meyer was honored as Nashville’s Citizen of the Year at the annual Chamber of Commerce banquet.

Washington County Health Department Administrator Agnes Boehning updated the county board on the department’s progress since its inception the previous year.

A dispute with the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency was resolved when the Hoyleton Village Board agreed to $120,000 in improvements to its water treatment plant.

An organizational meeting was slated in Nashville for a chapter of Vietnam Veterans of America.

A 12-pack of Pepsi cost $2.99 at Kroger.

Deaths: Edwin Tomaszewski, 82, of Richview; Linvill Reynolds, 45, of Woodlawn; Mabel Chiavario, 91, of Sylva, NC; Herbert Mellein, 79, of Okawville; Virginia Cohlmeyer, 66, of Richview; Herbert Paine, 75, of Patoka; Morris Ellerbusch, 60, of Fairview Heights; Elva Rhea, 78, of Waverly; Anna Mahan, 85, of Centralia; Marion Cluck, 81, of Centralia; Myrtle Smith, 95, of Ashley; Tony Fletcher, 36, of Carbondale; and Daniel Boswell, 17, of Centralia.

Wedding: Dr. Gregg Bendrick and Dr. Kathleen Tajiri.

Births: Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sprehe (Beverly Brown) of Hoyleton, a daughter; Mr. and Mrs. Greg Hoch (Theresa Mueller) of Fenton, MO, a son; and Mr. and Mrs. Mark Kuzemka (Rene Schmale) of Columbia, a son.

Twenty Years Ago


Washington County Arts Council said it would no longer be active in promoting cultural events. The group was formed in the early 1990s.

Washington County Mutual Fire Insurance Co., with Mary Lou Kitowski as secretary, marked its 100th year.

Nashville City Council discussed the possibility of extending sewer lines to homes west of the city.

Nashville Junior Hornets, coached by Larry Franklin, took second in the state tournament.

“Michael” starring John Travolta, was the feature at the State Theater.

Amanda Laumbattus, 16, of Marissa was killed in an auto accident.

Other deaths: Donald Meyer, 65, of Okawville; George Polheber, 75, of Des Plaines; Irene Heseman, 82, of New Minden; Dorothy Davis, 50, of Collinsville; James Wagner, 63, of Scheller; George Holt Jr., 69, of Carbondale; and Benjamin Harbstreit, 78, of Nashville.

Births: Jason and Rebecca (Leffner) Peper of Ashley, a son; John Davis and Stacy Vogt of New Minden, a son; Stanley and Maria Peterson of Nashville, a  son; Donald and Marilyn (Kleiboeker) May of Centralia, a daughter; and Greg and Rose Mary Barczewski of Batchtown, a son.

Fifteen Years Ago


Former Okawville policeman Ryan Parker was charged with the murder of a video store clerk in Sparta and a florist in Granite City.

Myrtle Schaeffer of Oakdale celebrated her 100th birthday, saying she never smoked and never drank.

“The Lord of the Rings, Fellowship of the Ring” was the feature at the State Theater.

The Han-Dee Mart store on East St. Louis Street closed.

Nashville City Council hosted an appreciation dinner for people who serve on various boards. Among those recognized by Mayor Raymond Kolweier were former mayors Gene Driskill and Paul Wilkey.

Three men were sent to prison for theft of anhydrous ammonia, an ingredient in the illegal manufacture of methamphetamine.

Valentine’s Day boxed chocolates sold for $2.99 to $9.99 at Lee’s Variety.

Deaths: Frances Weber, 97, of Lively Grove; Robert Morris, 77, of Tulsa, OK; Nelson Hake, 96, of Nashville; Mary Bowen, 80, of Marissa; Cela McKenzie, 88, of Mobile, AL; Stella Przehorski, 90, of St. Louis; Elmer McLean, 74, of St. Charles, MO; James Cutler, 48, of Ottawa; and Annamae Todd, 87, of Hannibal, MO.

Wedding: Dawn Goforth and Craig Kasten.

Birth: Kevin and Marissa Mattingly of Venedy, a son.

Ten Years Ago


Circuit Judge Dennis Hatch called on Washington County Board to gut and remodel the downstairs courtroom.

Hoyleton Grade School Thunderbolts under coaches Kevin Meyer and Mike Bond finished their best season in school history with a 28-5 record and a second place trophy in the SIJHSAA Class S State Tournament.

Ethanex Energy, Inc. announced plans to build a large ethanol plant near Waltonville.

A Du Bois woman rammed a truck into her husband’s vehicle in a domestic dispute  on the NOTS parking lot.

Births: Nathan and Lorraine Bruno of Radom, a daughter; Kevin and Rachel Kujawa of Edwardsville, twin boys; Jason and Brianna Kujawa of Aviston, a daughter; Kevin and Kimberly Mason of Bloomington, a daughter.

Deaths: Leona Leffner, 80, of Du Bois; Patrick Knight, 53, of Lively Grove; Arthur Betlejewski, 64, of Addieville; Alma Uhlig, 91, of Waverly, IA; Larry Cook, 62, formerly of Oakdale; Clyde Orr, 87, of Ladue, MO.

Five Years Ago


The Illinois DNR reported 1,561 total deer taken during the year’s hunting seasons, 85 less than the prior year’s totals.

NCHS Hornettes Coach Wayne Harre picked up his 12th straight regional title following a victory over Freeburg at the regional conference held in Pinckneyville.

Madison County Treasurer Kurt Prenzler planned a presentation at the Nashville Community Center on defeating a proposed one-percent sales tax increase in Washington County.

The Washington County Farm Bureau offered a discount to shoppers at Nashville Kroger on February 23 to highlight Farmers’ role in producing the nation’s food supply as part of “Food Check-Out Week”.

Birth: Samantha Triefenbach  was born on January 24, 2012 to Mike and Lauren Triefenbach of Marissa.

Marriage: Justin Halteman and Andrea Guinzy exchanged wedding vows at 2 p.m. on Sept. 24, 2011

Deaths: Starr Gardner, 69, of Coulterville, February 12; Jeffrey Brinkmann, 53, of St. Louis, February 9; Ralph Klassing, Jr., 75, of Okawville, February 13.

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