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Susan Roethemeyer

Writing this article is sometimes a challenge, and sometimes a joy.

It is a joy when the words fly out of my mind, through my fingers, into the computer screen, and through the Internet to the Nashville News.

It is a challenge when I can think of little that seems worth saying.

Some think that what is worth saying is controversial.

Controversial topics surround us in these interesting times.

But is that the purpose of these writings, to stir up controversy?

Some say it is, that the best purpose of this article is to make a name for myself by pointing out inconsistency between what is said and then done.

I have done some of that in the past. I will probably do more of that in the future, when moved to do so.

This time, though, I will indulge in a bit of self examination.

Often during the week I think of possible topics for this space.

Mostly my ideas seem to be entertainment rather than news-worthy.

But is that really so bad?

We all need a little diversion now and then from sometimes grim reality.

David Letterman has noted that.

Jay Leno said it during the 9-11 crisis.

Jimmy Fallon has said it, too.

These late night talk-show comedians do their part to help America cope with hard times by reminding us that things aren’t that bad after all.

Sometimes I do that too, through this article.

Again, is that really so bad?

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