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It Happened Here – February 22, 2017

Eighty Years Ago

Burglars entered the offices of the Huegely Elevator and Milling Company in Nashville.
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Junge opened the Home Restaurant in the Hilderbrand building on East Main Street in Nashville.
Two pounds of pure hog lard cost 29 cents and veal was 22 cents a pound.
Deaths: Sarah Cunningham, 72, of Nashville; Leslie Washburn, 26, a native of Nashville; Henry Bouas, 52, of Coulterville; John Butz of St. Louis; Joseph Lane, 74, of Chickasha, OK; William Kirchhoff, 68, a native of Hoyleton; Margaret Gillespie, 67, of Lively Grove; and Elias

Seventy-Five Years Ago

A total of 941 men between the ages of 20 and 40 were called in the country’s third draft from Washington County.
A barn, equipment and approximately 2,000 chicks were destroyed in a fire at the Leroy Heggemeier farm.
Deaths: Carl Hehmann, 62, of Addieville; Hannah Campbell, 85, of Marissa; Arlene Cernecki, one, of Posen; Molley Turner, 69, of Cape Girardeau, MO; Mary Haake of Okawville; and Mrs. Mike Bauza of Ashley.

Seventy Years Ago

The Richview Cafe was burglarized with the loss of $100 in cash.
Raymond Novak, 41, of Nashville was killed in an auto accident in St. Louis.
Other deaths: Mary Williamson, 72, a native of Nashville; Emma Hasemeier, 77, of Nashville; Olinda Petri, 50, of Nashville; Christian Seidenspinner, 75, of Nashville; William Troutt, 89, of Nashville; Mickey Smalley, three months, of Ashley; Constance Kurzynski, 69, of Radom; Elizabeth Schnake, 90, of Maple Grove; Royal Bryan, 53, formerly of Nashville; and Mrs. H. A. Tucker, formerly of Nashville.

Sixty-Five Years Ago

Deaths: Henry Krughoff, 85, former mayor of Nashville; Frank O’Bryant, 85, editor and publisher of the Washington County Gazette in Ashley; Walter Hermeling; Harry Hilderbrand, 59, of Nashville; Mrs. John Ladendecker, 64, of Addieville; Jasper Newcomb, 64, of Richview; David Seyler, 57, boyhood Nashville resident; Mrs. Ralph Pate, 71, of Ashley; Amanda Meredith, 93, formerly of Nashville; Mary Strumbo, 63, a native of Hoyleton; Catherine Riechmann, 64, of Okawville; George Foehr, 82, of Ashley; Louise Bauer, 74, of Centralia; and Mrs. Charles Rogers, formerly of Nashville.

Sixty Years Ago

Walter Finke of Nashville retired after 32 years as rural mail carrier and Carl Krughoff was named his replacement.
Jim Dintleman announced the closing of the Colonial Grill in Nashville and the purchase of Sherman’s Tavern in Du Bois.
Grapefruit were 10 for 49 cents and a 100-pound bag of potatoes was $2.58.
Deaths: Anna Zacheis, 81, of Richview, one of the 71 victims of a nursing home fire in Warrenton, MO; George Fehlber of Okawville; Lydia Stahler, 68, of Nashville; Louise Fark, 92, of Hoyleton; Rose Lassa, 72, formerly of Du Bois; Charles Bartelsmeyer, 78, of North Prairie; Alvina Frederking, 61, of Nashville; Anna Hartley, 82, of Irvington; Augusta Kreutzer, 68, of Shiloh; Anita Fulte, 48, of Lively Grove; and Sophia Povolish, 79, of Washington County.

Fifty-Five Years Ago

R. W. Miller was confirmed as Ashley postmaster.
Adam Kleinschmidt closed his shoe repair business after 40 years of operation.
Deaths: Henry Woker, 76, of Washington County; Vanda Mathews, 75, a native of Bolo Township; Clara Brueggemann, 85, of Addieville; Edward Bendrick, 71, of Du Bois; Adolph Grote, 81, of Hoyleton; Thomas Sigman, 58, of Venedy; Oscar Peeck, 77, of Du Bois; Wilhelmina Schmidt, 89, formerly of Addieville; Lillian Heck, 58, of Du Bois; and Clara Weihe, 86, formerly of New Minden.

Fifty Years Ago

Oscar Finke Jr. and Bill Hoffman purchased the Dairy Whip in Nashville from Mr. and Mrs. Dean Haege.
Don Mitchell of Irvington won the 100-bushel corn club prize and Albert Kaser of Nashville was the winner of the 40-bushel soybean club trophy.
Deaths: Wendell Gaebe, 73, of Addieville; Anna Szczepanski, 75, a native of Du Bois; Emma Hohlt, 73, of Venedy; Lydia Hoffman, 70, a native of New Minden; Glen Foehr, 71, of Ashley; Sophia Bonner, 86, of Nashville; Charles Karoleski, formerly of Nashville; Agnes Stephens, 56, a native of Du Bois; Harrison Luechtefeld, 47, of St. Libory; Henry Schroeder, 89, of Sesser; Clara Wehking, 73, a native of Hoffman; and William Phillips.

Forty-Five Years Ago

R. J. Hagist of Nashville and Leo Barczewski of Richview were candidates for the Kaskaskia College Board of Trustees.
Deaths: Margaret Eade, 67, former Addieville postmistress; Martin Middendorf, 89, a native of Okawville; Henry Hood, 76, of Tilden; John Niedbalski, 79, of Radom; Anna Mrogenski, 78, a native of Jefferson County; Anna Brehm, 78, of Ashley; Frances Breuer, 77, of Hoyleton; George Henderson, 84, a native of Nashville; Charles Kramm, 89, of Du Bois; and Gustav Dunnermann, 86, of Boone, Iowa.

Forty Years Ago

The Timbers Restaurant advertised all-you-can-eat fried chicken dinners for $3.95.
Robert Spencer joined the staff of Gerald G. Spencer Real Estate in Nashville.
Deaths: Bruce Zeman, 31, formerly of Ashley; Adolph Volkman, 67, of Centralia; Floyd Knappenberger, 83, of Irvington; Wallace “Mike” Lowey, 83, of Ashley; Mrs. Robert Barr Sr., 79, of Kansas City, MO; Oscar Schmitz, 60, of Darmstadt; Kenneth Little, 70, of Coulterville; and Velva Wood, 55, a native of Biddleborn.

Thirty-Five Years Ago

Washington County began assessing farmland based on net income averaged over a five-year period for real estate taxes.
Ground beef was $1.18 a pound and pork loins were $1.38 a pound.
Deaths: Harold DeTar, 82, of Florida; Leland Harrison, 68, of Nashville; Fay Roethemeyer of Nashville; David Brown, 58, of Streator; Evelyn Berry, 71, of Nashville; Edna Pruehsner, 69, of Nashville; and William Tielemann, 80, of Nashville.
Weddings: Patrice Bruemmer and Gale Koelling; and Brenda Bourbon and Tony Tweedy.

Thirty Years Ago

Erin Kelley was starring in “The Drunkard,” an 1840 melodrama aboard the Goldenrod Showboat in St. Louis, Missouri.
Ashley raised its minimum water rate per month to $15.50 to help finance a $185,000 sewer project.
Arnold Rueter and Morris Kaufman were elected directors of the Farmers and Merchants Bank in Nashville.
Deaths: Patrick Shine, 85, of Ashley; Frances Musial, 64, of St. Louis; Thomas Reckling, 39, of Kinmundy; Henry Koch, 84, of Lenzburg; Fred Brune, 75, of Okawville; James Brown, 58, of Irvington; Adelia Hoffmann, 77, of Floraville; Kenneth Seymour of Troy; Albert “Hap” Hulling Jr., 75, of Mascoutah; Harry Holzhauer, 80, of Centralia; Cecelia Sanberg, 76, a native of Washington County; and Elsie Weilmuenster, 84, a native of Venedy.
Wedding: Jane Vancil and Thomas Restoff.

Twenty-Five Years Ago

The City of Ashley applied for a $285,000 grant from the Illinois Community Development Assistance Program to finance a court-ordered $800,000 sewer system renovation.
A Southwestern Illinois Award was presented to Norrenberns Truck Service in Nashville as a company that made significant contributions to its community.
Deborah Kleiboeker was named vice-president of Hoyleton Children’s Home Foundation.
Julie Unverfehrt Maschhoff, a partner in Post Oak Farms, Inc. in Carlyle, was honored as one of the 10 Outstanding Young Persons in Illinois by the state Jaycees.
A .8 cu. ft. microwave oven sold for $199 at J&R Appliances, Inc.
Deaths: Lilly Kuhlengel, 92, of Okawville; Brandy Vuichard, 17, of Coulterville; Ruth Barkau, 78, of St. Louis; Lillian Schaeffer, 86, of Nashville; Frances Green, 71, of Waltonville; Irene Povolish, 69, of Nashville; Jerome Szabelski, 77, of Du Bois; Dorothy Dude, 74, of Mt. Vernon; Julia Morrison, 85, of St. Louis; Harry Muenter, 89, of Hillsboro; Clarence Chapman, 69, of Tamaroa; Dovie Grant of South Elgin; Leonard Jezewiak, 79, of St. Louis; Frank Norris, 38, of Waltonville; and Martin Skorch, 50, of Scheller.
Births: Mr. and Mrs. Duane Lee (Michele Haywood) of Pinckneyville, a daughter; and Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Chapman (Cindy Woolsey) of Du Quoin, a daughter.

Twenty Years Ago

Mary Rennegarbe, owner of Original Springs Hotel, posed with a banana tree alongside the hotel’s indoor pool that had begun bearing fruit.
A 1997 Ford F-150 pickup sold for $14,200 at Alexander Ford-Mercury.
Deaths: David Moehle, 70, of Nashville; Lee McKinzie, 71, of Pocahontas; Lloyd Sanders, 65, of Patoka; Anna Sturgeon, 100, of Centralia; Luetta Petri, 85, of Belleville; Helen Schroer, 87, of Lively Grove; Clifford Mahan, 80, of Venedy; and Gladys Kastner, 86, of Addieville.
Births: Peter and Jean (Kula) Orr of Nashville, a son; David and Andrea (Radake) Banach of Scheller, a son; Dan and Robin (Rollinson) Heck of Nashville, a son; and David and Emma Krummrich of Oklahoma City, OK, a son.

Fifteen Years Ago

The Hornettes downed McLeansboro to take the supersectional crown and earn a second consecutive trip to the state tournament in Normal.
Jerry Deering, brother of the late state representative Terry Deering, announced a bid for the General Assembly.
Mark Styninger took over as president of Nashville Chamber of Commerce.
Jennifer Krus and Kristin Maschhoff of Addieville Area JCs were named outstanding secretary and number two director, respectively, by the state Jaycee organization.
Nashville Junior Hornets finished fourth in the SIJHSAA Class M State Tournament.
Fire damaged the AgriPride FS building in Du Bois.
Deaths: Audrey Gutke, 71, of Richview; Glenda Piper, 52, of Sesser; Genoveva Janoski, 54, of St. Louis; Charity Carson, 80, of Pinckneyville; Walter Koczak, 88, of Scheller; Clara Ratajczyk, 85; and LeRoy Herrmann, 67, of Mascoutah.
Birth: Dr. Michael and Angie (Brinkmann) Wells of Nashville, a son.

Ten Years Ago

The Hornettes under coach Wayne Harre advanced to the state tournament with a 48-37 win over Massac County.
Lee and Shirley Clayton of Tradewind Tours returned from a trip to Antarctica.
Rev. Pamela Gale Smith was installed as pastor of Zion Evangelical United Church of Christ in Hoyleton.
Alison Moeller was crowned queen at the Nashville Middle School All School Tournament, Caleb Day was the winning basketball captain and Amanda Malawy was the winning volleyball captain.
Births: Travis and Shannon Volz of Collinsville, a son; Cory Kraus and Dana Beshears of Nashville, a son.
Deaths: Emma Hale, 78, of Nashville; Pauline Wiese, 97, of Nashville; Alfred Lueking, 96, of Hoyleton; Fannie Adams, 92, of New Minden; Jerry Zurliene, 46, of Fairfield; James Engelmann, 81, of Nashville; Martha Kozuszek, 93, of Granite City; Leonard Forys, 64, of Nashville; Rita Lisk, 71, formerly of Nashville; Silverine Szabelski, 91, of Du Bois; Wallace Weicherding, 74, of Hoyleton; Melvin Poniske, 79, formerly of Lively Grove; James Wolfe, 77, of Caseyville; Sarah Rusiewski, 90, of Du Bois; Charles Boehne, 75, of Hoffman.

Five Years Ago

The Washington County Board approved an amendment to its sanitary code which could have opened the door to a landfill at the soon-to-be-completed Prairie State Energy Campus.
The Nashville Police Department would soon patrol city streets in a four wheel drive vehicle, the purchase of which the Nashville City Council approved.
A town hall meeting was held at the Nashville Community Center which discussed the pros and cons of a sales tax increase to go to school funding.
Birth: Colt Wilkey was born on January 9, 2012, to Randy and Sharyn Wilkey of Nashville.
Mandy Jones and Mitchell Engele announced their plans for an April wedding. Dane Kasten and Carlie Pietsch announced their plans for an October wedding.
Deaths: Ernest Prange, 70, of rural Ashley, February 16; Louis Winka, 86, of rural Ashley, February 19; Edmund Kozuszek, 80, of rural Nashville, February 15; Lou Ella Mewes, 87, of Pocahontas, February 19; Luella Friend, 100, February 14; Irene Blumhorst, 93, of Woodstock, January 23.

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