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A Noisy Offering At Zion UCC Hoyleton For Second Mile Giving

FROM LEFT, Reese Renth, Serenity Polojski and Logan Polojski

When Gertie Holle and Janet Klie attended the Illinois South Conference of the United Church of Christ Annual Meeting last fall, they were concerned about the budget cuts to DuBois Center near DuBois and the Uni-Pres Kinder Cottage in East St. Louis.

They and the members at Zion have a great passion for these two facilities.

In addition to a part of their regular offerings going for these places, they approached the Council with the idea of doing a Noisy Offering once a month for them.

The Council gave their blessings and they did that last November and December.  This went over so well with the Congregation that they are now doing the Noisy Offering each Sunday.  Two or three of the young people pass an offering container and people are asked to drop their change (dollars and checks too) in.

So far about $50 a month is collected for each agency.

Not much each Sunday, but those coins sure add up over the year.

Thanks Janet and Gertie for following the message of that Annual Meeting and implementing this 2nd Mile Giving opportunity at Zion.

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