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Hornets To Play At Busch Stadium

By Brent Huelsmann
As the Nashville Hornets baseball team gets ready to play this season, one date will be circled on the calendar. On April 15, the Hornets will suit up to play at the home of the St. Louis Cardinals, Busch Stadium. The Hornets will take on the Triad Knights at 1 p.m.
Attendance to the game is free, but the Nashville Hornets baseball players must sell tickets to a St. Louis Cardinals game. The Hornets players are selling tickets to the Cardinals’ game against the Milwaukee Brewers. The game is on a Thursday night June 15 and begins at 6:15 p.m. Head coach Chad Malawy talked about selling tickets. “Hopefully the community gets involved and purchases some of those tickets from us. They’re going to be a lot cheaper than what you could probably find on StubHub or through the Cardinals organization, so it would be a good day to come on out.”
Coach Malawy said of the opportunity, ““I think it’s an awesome opportunity, especially for the seniors. I just think it’s a great opportunity for our program to go over and play at that facility, and give a chance for our players to share that with their family and friends.”
As for how the Hornets got the chance to play at Busch Stadium, Malawy said, “They have a program now where they are trying to get high schools to play there. There is a ton of high school games played out there throughout the spring. Most of the time they play when the Cardinals are on the road. If the Cardinals are on the road on a Saturday, it’d be typical to see four high school games played there. But they are real strict about their facility and their field. You do not get to take pregame or any kind of infield practice, or pregame batting practice, basically you hustle out there and play. You play as much baseball as you can in two hours.”
In order to work the game at Busch Stadium into their schedule, the Hornets moved up the start of the season. Instead of the first game being against Rockford Lutheran on Friday, March 17, the Hornets will begin the season at home against Althoff on Tuesday March 14.

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