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Kids Fishing Day Planned For May 7

    Tom McFeron of The Washington County Sportsmen spoke to the Nashville City Council on March 2 to make plans for the 43rd annual kids fishing derby.

By Alex Haglund

Tom McFeron of the Washington County Sportsmen visited with the Nashville City Council at their regular meeting on Thursday, March 2, and talked about getting things ready for the annual kids fishing derby, an event sponsored by the sportsmen and set for Sunday, May 7, when the derby will run from noon to 2 p.m.

“This our 43rd year that we’ve been doing this,” McFeron told the council. “Everything is lined up and we should have another good year.”

The council approved a $350 donation to the Sportsmen to help support the event.

At the same time that they stock the Mill Ponds for the derby, the sportsmen also stock the city reservoir with bass. The council approved this as well.

After the ponds are stocked, a day or two before the derby, signs are posted and no fishing is allowed (so that the kids get the first shot at it), with the sportsmen, park personnel and police keeping an eye on things until the derby starts off.

The kids fishing derby is free, it’s a great time for families to spend some time together, and kids can win prizes for the fish that they catch as well.

The derby is open to ages 5 through 14, but older or younger people can fish along with them, they just won’t be able to register in the derby or win prizes. If you’re a seasoned angler, or if you’ve never touched a fishing pole and just want to have a fun time, come on down.


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