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Okawville Village Board Swears In Ford As Full-Time Cop

By Jill Moon

    The Okawville Village Board held its monthly meeting on February 27. The board was pleased to swear in former part-time police officer Evan Ford as a full-time patrolman. They voted at their meeting last month to promote him to full-time.

    Patrolman Ford’s fiancee Kelsey Hovorka attended the swearing in. Mayor David Jasper said, “you’re always welcome here.”

     The board approved a $250 donation to retailer Simply the Best and the Okawville High School’s After-Prom as they have for many years.

    Chairman of the Finance and Contracts Committee Morris Ritzel reported that his committee looked over Water and Sewer Operating and Maintenance Fund (WSOM) and General Fund (GF) expenditures for 9 months of this fiscal year.

     Streets and Sidewalks Committee Chairman Nathan Dick said his committee had purchased a quantity of concrete at the current price as the price was increasing and there were some planned projects.

    Dick also reported that trees had been removed from the front of the Village Hall and First National Bank. He said, “The stumps will be ground out at a later date.”

    Chairwoman Ronda Pryor told the board that the Personnel and Property Committee had a discussion of personnel issues at their February meeting.

    Police and Liquor Committee  Chairwoman Sarah Deterding reported that they had been discussing personnel issues also.

    Deterding stated that the state’s attorney office “was trying to restart the Task Force Department,” and were trying to decide what Okawville’s Police Department’s role in it would be.

    In discussion with Police Chief Stephen Milliken the board learned about a recurring problem with one of the department’s vehicles involving a transfer case. The vehicle is still under warranty.

    Deterding told the board that Okawville received $615.00 in fines from the circuit clerk and $3,541.00 from video gaming receipts last month.

    It was also reported that Circle K had obtained the necessary permits to  install video gambling machines and was expected to be available to the public in about 1 ½ months.

    In the Water and Sewer Committee report Chairman Brian Nelson proposed that the board approve the company Curry and  Associates to solicit bids for the amended plans for Plum Creek crossing after obtaining all required permits and permits. That proposal passed.

    Nelson then presented to the board a proposal to approve a subscription to a public alert system through a company called Softline Data to provide software and 4,000 alerts annually. Nelson commented that, “instead of going door-to-door to tell everybody of a water break, this way they can call cell phones or home phone lines to alert everybody.” The cost would be $325.00 annually.  This was approved.

    Another proposal by Nelson was to approve GIS mapping from Illinois Rural Water Association for all meter pits. The new water line on Front and High and Hanover streets would have updated valves and hydrants. This project would cost $5,719.75 or less and would be done after the replacement of the Hanover Street waterline project.

     Mayor Jasper said that in TIF  projects the village was waiting for tax dollars to be available next year after taxes. There was one project on hold for this year because of a delay in obtaining necessary information.

    Regarding the trailer park, Jasper said the village had the permission to scrap out the Lindsay trailer.

    Village secretary Dawn Moyer informed the board that a property has to be both delinquent in property taxes and utility bills before the village can take any action toward it.

    The property in question has been empty for 10 years.

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