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Column: Galleries And Calendars And, Oh My!

Dear Readers:

It’s an exciting time here. Spring is so close I can practically taste it (Yum…Hayfever!), and well, if we’re being honest, it’s still pretty chilly out, but it is March and this Monday was Casimir Pulaski Day so that means Sunday was…DuBois PolishFest!

I have enjoyed PolishFest for a long time before I came to the area. I was brought for the first time 15-or-so years ago by my SIUC roommate Steve Jahnke, and back then, I remember being completely floored that there were Polish-Americans in Illinois that weren’t in Chicago (cut me some slack, I was young, dumb and hadn’t spent to much time out of the city at that point).

Since starting at the paper here, I’ve enjoyed the PolishFest as well, because the amount of fun being had there is pretty hard not to capture in the pictures I take. Heck, I have quite a bit of fun myself just taking them.

Another fun aspect of PolishFest, one that’s come up since I have been here, takes place after the parade. Last year, we shared a gallery of PolishFest photos on Facebook and people loved it. It was actually our most popular Facebook post for quite a while, and it’s easy to see why: lots of people, lots of fun, and on Facebook, lots of folks tagging one another.

This year, I’m excited to put a gallery online again, but now, we have a new, and it makes posting galleries, and sharing those photos, our articles, or anything, really, much faster and easier.

The PolishFest gallery is already up, and while we’re still working out some bugs in the system (I haven’t yet figured out how to get the photos to remain in the right order), seeing Nashville News photos splashed big, bright and clear on a modern website is very exciting. Check them out at

Nashville News Sports Editor Brent Huelsmann has gotten in on the act too, posting a gallery of images from the Hornets basketball 2A sectionals against Pinckneyville and Alton Marquette. This gallery can be seen at

Finally, another change related to the website that I am extraordinarily excited about is related to the columns just to my left here on page A4

Right there.

The Community Calendar.

If you head to, on the top of the page area a series of tabs, like “news”, “sports”, and “obituaries”. Well, there’s one for Community Calendar too now, and if you head over there and click the post from any date, you can see what’s going on then.

As always though, the news doesn’t occur in a vacuum, and as with the regular paper’s calendar, we need to hear from you. See something in there that you think someone would like? Share it. Think something needs to be in there that’s not? Send us an email at

I hope for this calendar to become a resource for our readership, a first stop online to see what’s happening in the area at any given time. We can’t do it without your help though. Your submissions and events are the most important part of this. We’re just the ones putting it on page.

        –Alex Haglund, Managing Editor