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It Happened Here – March 8, 2017

Eighty Years Ago

A burglar alarm resulted in the arrest of two men inside the George Borcherding general merchandise store in Oakdale.

Men’s suits were priced between $14.75 and $16.75 at Backs Department Store in Nashville.

“The Plainsman” with Gary Cooper was the feature at the State Theater in Nashville.

Deaths: Ruth Stewart, 39, of Nashville; Lottie Harlan, six-month-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Harlan of Nashville; and Rev. C. Kirkhahn, former pastor of Plum Hill Evangelical Church.

Seventy-Five Years Ago

A group of gypsies passed through Washington County without netting any money. They were believed to be the same group which took $12 from a man after healing him in Belleville.

Deaths: Anna Toedte, 88, of Hoyleton; Anna Weigel, formerly of Hoyleton; Stanley Pytlinski, 60, of Nashville; Mary Rennegarbe, 87, a native of Hoyleton; Philip May of Nashville; Louis Zacheis of Elkton; Ed Nolte of West Los Angeles, CA; Elizabeth Neuhaus, 73, formerly of Nashville; William Buhrman, 70, of Nashville; Mrs. Louis Korte, formerly of New Minden; and Albert Hunter of Sparta.

Seventy Years Ago

Burglars stole $250 from the Oscar Ellerbusch tavern in New Minden. Also burglarized the same night were the Lester Guthrie store in Oakdale and John Marquard’s store and service station in Venedy.

Mr. and Mrs. Al Waligorski took over management of the Home Cafe in Nashville.

Deaths: Peter Keil Sr., 81, of Du Bois; John Klosterhoff, 74, of Addieville; Ada Washburn, 80, a native of Richview; Eugene Halbert, 78, formerly of Nashville; William Fairweather, 75, former superintendent of schools in Nashville; and William Koch, 67, of Okawville.

Sixty-Five Years Ago

The Washington County Circuit Court allowed three areas in western Washington County to detach from Nashville School Dist. 99 and annex to Okawville Dist. 88.

Deaths: Mrs. Fred Wenzel of Nashville; Mary Hildebrand, 81, of Nashville; Harry Gore, 72, a native of Ashley; Mrs. Charles Reidelberger, 64, of Nashville; Pvt. Lloyd Campbell, 18, of Irvington; Paul Kleeman, 53; Pvt. Robert Cathcart, 21, of Darmstadt; Mrs. Booth Cross, 80, of Nashville; Mary Cohlmeyer, 90, a native of Washington County; and Alvina Harting, 77, a native of Nashville.

Sixty Years Ago

“Love Me Tender” with Elvis Presley was playing at the State Theater in Nashville.

The Daniel Food Store was selling a pound of Velveeta for 49 cents and boiling beef for 19 cents a pound.

Clarence Reinkensmeyer purchased the Quality Feed and Farm Supply store from Mrs. Rayhill Hagist.

Deaths: Lottie Barczewski, 70, of Washington County; James “Buck” White, 80, of Ashley; Herman Brammeier of Oakdale; Dr. Herman Schmidt, 84, of Okawville; Sophia Jasinski, 59, of Beaucoup; James Williamson, 81, of Monmouth; John Zelasko, 84, of Tamaroa; and Alex Herdibu, formerly of Nashville.

Fifty-Five Years Ago

Everett Deason of Okawville was elected president of the Washington County Education Association.

Nashville High School Board approved a salary schedule for teachers. Beginning instructors could earn $4,400 per year. The top salary was $6,600. Average take-home pay was $90.84 weekly.

Millard Lynch was named general chairman of the United Cerebral Palsy for Washington County.

Donna Meinert on trombone, Frank Absher on trombone, Marcia Scanlan on clarinet and Margaret Meinert on baritone sax won superior ratings at the district solo contest in Belleville.

Men’s suits at Backs Department Store in Nashville cost between $29.50 and $45.

Deaths: Tom Rogers, 71, operator of the Original Springs Hotel in Okawville; John Sturman Sr., 76, of Nashville; Ella Snead, 83, of Nashville; Catherine Magdalen Schubert, 76, of Tamaroa; Sylvan Tucker, 61, of Ashley; Charlie Skurat, 63, of Sesser; and Helen Nowacki, 72, of Radom.

Fifty Years Ago

A fire which started in a natural gas wall furnace did extensive damage to the home of Jack Lane in Nashville.

Deaths: Frances Pierjok, 82, of Ashley; Alexander Liszewski, 62, of Tamaroa; Samuel Meyer, 79, of Richview; Fred Schierbecker, 93, a native of Hoyleton; Richard Weber, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. James Weber; Billy Garland, 27, of Centralia; and Henry Pieper, 73, of Venedy.

Forty-Five Years Ago

The old Egyptian Pyramid bus station west of Ashley was demolished.

A malfunction in a gas space heater caused a fire at the home of Tom Schroeder in Beaucoup.

“Dr. Zhivago” was featured at the State Theater in Nashville.

Deaths: Donald Corners, 49, of Richview, killed when he was run over by a car; Mildred Kaser, 67, of Nashville; Lydia Jaspring, 83, of Nashville; Oscar Stelzriede, 58, of Richview; Beatrice Tucker, 68, of Nashville; Fred Meirose, 91, of Plum Hill; Martin Haake, 64, a native of Hahlen; Mary Flynn, 83, a native of Hoyleton; Loy Meler, 77, of Harrisburg; Joseph Kurtz, 81, of Coulterville; Amanda Brink, 86, of Centralia; Zillah Jones of Ferguson, MO; and Tracey Bradley Jr., 20, of Venedy.

Forty Years Ago

More than 1,000 pounds of fish were killed at the Memorial Park pond due to severe cold temperatures.

Fire of unknown origin destroyed the Ted Maschhoff mobile home northwest of Nashville.

Deaths: Earl Wilson, 86, a native of Elkton; Esther Kraft, 73, a native of New Minden; Arthur Beckmeyer, 89, a native of Hoyleton; Paul Gerstkemper, 87, of Hoyleton; William Mueller, 65, of Okawville; Pearl Boyle, 94, a native of Oakdale; Mae Corman of Long Creek; Regina Sprehe, 76, of Hoyleton; Ezra Blythe, 85, of Tamaroa; James Williams, 75, of Woodlawn; Gladys Linder, 73, a native of Washington County; and Oscar Droege of Hoyleton.

Thirty-Five Years Ago

Luella Lehde of Nashville celebrated her 100th birthday at Friendship Manor Nursing Home.

Dr. Steve Welty and Dr. Dale Cooper opened a chiropractic clinic in Nashville.

Larry Harre was appointed rural mail carrier for Nashville replacing Harry Himbury who retired.

James Fox of Oakdale was appointed postmaster in Brownstown.

Paul and Grace Meyer purchased Poor Ol’ Joes from Joe and Rose Pelczynski in Nashville and renamed it Meyer’s Landing.

Bacon was $1.38 a pound and braunschweiger was 59 cents a pound.

Deaths: Karen Finke, 34, of Nashville; Blanche Day, 96, of Nashville; Cassie Powell, 83, a native of Hoyleton; John Ritter, 78, of Pinckneyville; Elsie Quade, 80, of Tamaroa; Freddie Boldt, 86, of Woodlawn; George Keeling Jr., 85, of Nashville; Herman Stein, 81, of Lively Grove; and Emil Pannier, 77, of Marissa.

Thirty Years Ago

Mike McCann, 33, of Cahokia was hired as a Washington County Sheriff’s deputy.

The Illinois Education Association asked the Oakdale School District to recognize it as the bargaining agent for teachers.

Washington County’s unemployment rate was 12.3 percent.

California broccoli was 68 cents a bunch and Temple oranges were 12 cents each.

Michelle May was crowned sweetheart queen at Nashville High School.

Deaths: Ruth Sachtleben, 89, of New Minden; Adam “Jess” Borowiak, 72, of Ashley; Jackie Houghland, 46, of Pinckneyville; Alma Oltmann, 90, formerly of Addieville; Leonard Oliver, 57, a native of Richview; Joyce Riggs, 51, formerly of Nashville; Ophelia Smith, 76, of Nashville; and Henry Dober, 68, a native of Du Bois.

Twenty-Five Years Ago

A committee met to discuss plans for a 175th anniversary celebration for Washington County.

Trinity Lutheran Church in Hoyleton celebrated its 125th anniversary. Rev. Conrad Seegers, former pastor, was the guest speaker.

Washington County began using electronic monitoring devices for persons convicted of non-violent crimes.

Nashville High School JETS academic team won the SIUE regional and earned a trip to the state finals at the University of Illinois.

Nashville defeated Okawville 46-45 to take the regional title at Breese Central High School. It was the Hornets’ first regional title since 1979.

The Okawville Lady Rockets defeated West Frankfort 55-47 to win the Super-Sectional title and advance to the state tournament.

Nashville Jr. Hornettes placed second in state, falling to Hoffman Trinity Lutheran 55-39 in the championship game.

Strawberries were selling for $1.88 per quart at Kroger.

Deaths: Rose Novak, 101, of Nashville; Lydia Rather, 92, of Apple Valley, CA; Walter Shye, 78, of Ashley; Rudie Lillienkamp, 93, of Huegely; John Hammack, 89, of Winter Haven, FL; Hugh Brueggemann, 86, of Venedy; Carolyn Craighead, 96, of St. Louis.

Wedding: Sharon Keene of and Gary Johannes.

Birth: Mr. and Mrs. Don Caves (Vick Boehning) of Springfield, a daughter.

Twenty Years Ago

Fire gutted the home of Darrell and Theresa Lam in New Minden.

Dr. John Skorczewski bought the dental practice of Dr. David Wheeler in Okawville.

After five years of work, Mayor Richard Karmeier and New Minden Village Board broke ground for a $1.6 million sewer treatment system.

A ribbon was cut marking the opening on JC’s Skating Rink, owned by Mike and Becky Dyson.

Donnewald Distributing ended a 13-year tradition by canceling the Bud Donnewald Memorial Golf Tournament that had raised $320,000 for area youth activities.

A six-month CD was paying 5.17 percent interest at Farmers and Merchants National Bank.

Deaths: Ervin Schmidt, 85, of Nashville; Jackie Loucks, 63, of Tamaroa; Beverly Jones, 58, of Oakdale; Cordelia Falkenhein, 81, of Baldwin; William Cremeens, 87, of Carbondale; Dwight Flota, 81, of Mt. Vernon; Vincent Meinert, 81, of Cuba, MO; Leslie Willis Sr., 77, of Ellington, MO; and Earl Skaggs, 79.

Weddings: Valeria Wilson and Matthew Tepe; and Susan Kelly and Byron Ruehl.

Births: Ron and Terri (Lange) Mussatto of O’Fallon, a daughter; Mr. and Mrs. Oliver J. Bochantin of Wheatridge, CO, a daughter; Eric and Linda (Karg) Clendenin of Murphysboro, a son; Philip and Bonnie (Quirin) Buescher of Freeburg, a son; Kip and Annette (Borowiak) Harper of Effingham, a son; and Kevin and Stephanie (Smith) Obermeier of Irvington, a son.

Fifteen Years Ago

Randy Newcomb of Ashley was selected a Master Farmer by Prairie Farmer magazine for his community service and farming abilities.

The local unemployment rate was 4.9 percent.

Okawville Postmaster Eunice Hettenhausen retired after 30 years with the Postal Service.

Tina LaBusier was named Southern Illinois Golf Association Player of the Year.

The Dayton Groennert family was named Conservation Farm Family of the Year by Washington County SWCD.

Ground chuck and bone-in hams were selling for 99 cents a pound.

Deaths: Albert Schorfheide, 86, of Nashville; Clara Turner, 85, of Marion; Alvin Schnitker, 77, of Centralia; Alva Piercy, 79, of Ina; Freida Evilsizer, 60, of Christopher; Harold Fox, 74, of Coulterville; Kenneth Valentine, 71, of Tamaroa; Robert Engelman, 64, of Pinckneyville; Eula Touchette, 83, of Millstadt; Hellen Burkett, 66, of Okawville; Clara O’Neal, 77, of St. Louis; Wallace Parsons, 85, of Nashville; and Oliver Smith, 84, of Addieville.

Wedding: Janice Kryger and Jeffrey Osman.

Birth: Eddie and Tina (Detering) McCandrew of Nashville, a daughter.

Ten Years Ago

The Hornets under coach Darin Lee advanced to the super-sectional with a 52-43 win over Pinckneyville.

Nashville City Council voted to add $80,000 to its $125,000 contribution after bids for the library expansion came in higher than expected. The library had secured a $125,000 grant for the balance.

Kurt and Lisa Brink assisted with the birth of their grandson, Mason, when Katie Forrester went into labor at their home. Laura Lester, 911 dispatcher, talked them through the procedure.

Sam Weems and Lauren O’Daniell won the Nashville Idol contest.

John Mueller Jr., 46, of Okawville was electrocuted in a construction accident.

Other deaths: Shirley Meinert, 86, of Nashville; James Reed, 76, of California, MO; Myrtle Woodside, 84, of Pinckneyville; Raymond Wisnewski, 77, of New Minden; Rose Kehrer, 86, of Centralia; Victoria Bochantin, 86, of Du Bois; Elroy Barkau, 85, of Freeburg; Leonard Steinkamp, 74, of Centralia; Carol Bodeddieck, 70, of Independence, MO.

Births: Frank and Alessandra Bartolotta of Nashville, a son; Travis and Heather Stiegman of Houston, TX, a daughter.

Weddings: Lori Brockmann and John Caloia; Cortney Staats and Matthew Nicol.

Five Years Ago

The Hardee’s star guy mascot visited the business expo of Nashville, held at the Community Center.

A late winter storm hit the area, and people were pelted by quarter-sized hail.

The closing of the Centralia Postal facility was announced, along with the note that it might affect delivery of The Nashville News (Editor’s note, March 7, 2017: It sure has!)

A donation from the Washington County Hospital Auxiliary helped the Hospital to purchase a new mammography machine.

Okawville Police caught 11 illegal immigrants in a van, three of whom attempted to run in order to evade capture.

Birth: Evan Parker Morrison was born Tuesday, Feb. 14, to Amy and Eric R. Morrison of Columbia, Mo.

Weddings and Engagements: Nicole Dannette Ostendorf and Seth Thomas Swoboda made plans for a June wedding, Shea Andrew Redenius and Samantha Jane Meinert were married December 10, 2011; Drs. Bailey L. Peper and John H. Vardsveen were united in marriage Oct. 30, 2011; Charles Bower and Dana Fults married on Jan. 18, in Gatlinburg, Tenn.

Deaths: Lila Tomaszewski, 91, of Cherry, March 3; Leo Malick, 89, of Ashley, March 3; Geraldine Radake, 69, of Scheller, March 2; Dominic Pijut, 70, of Scheller, February 27; Hattie Coulter, 92, of Bradenton, Fla., formerly of the Centralia and Irvington area, February 13; Margaret Kehrer, 89, of Albers, February 28; Robert Kukla, 80, of Ashley, March 1.

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