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100 Years Of Life In Washington County For Brammeier’s Tree

    The soft maple tree in front of William Brammeier’s home on Oakdale Blacktop was planted in 1918 by his father, Theodore Brammeier.

By Alex Haglund

    A century is a long time. A very long time for a person. For a tree? Not quite as long, but a tree still sees a lot in 100 years.

Case in point is the tree in the front yard of William Brammeier’s home, located between the town of Oakdale and State Route 127 on Oakdale Blacktop Road.

Brammeier knows at least some of the history of the tree, a soft maple – it was put there in 1918, by Brammeir’s father, Theodore, or Ted, then a young man.

His father was born in 1902, in Perry County. By 1918, he had helped his father and his brothers to build the family farm in southern Washington County.

In the summer of 1918, “my father told me that he was about 16, and they put him on a horse and put a spade across his lap,” said Brammeier. He rode that horse down to the Perry County line, where he dug up the tree in question, then a sapling, along with several of its siblings.

Brammeier states that he estimates the tree is a century old, because if it was dug up and replanted by his father in 1918, it would have grown into a sapling during the year previous, 1917.

William further states that he believes that the home would have been finished, and inhabitable, by the winter of 1917-1918, otherwise his grandfather and uncles would not have considered sending his father out to acquire the saplings.

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