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City Of Nashville Makes Donation To Washington County Arts Council

By Alex Haglund

     The Nashville City Council approved a donation of $300 to the Washington County Arts Council at their meeting held on Thursday, March 16.

This donation helps to fund the arts council for the year.

The arts council puts on events like Shakespeare in the Park and the Summer Concert series, and they assist with plays and musicals put on at Nashville Community High School.

Bridge Repairs Bill Due

The council received a bill from Lake Contracting for the replacement of the bridge leading to the Nashville Municipal Golf Course from Nashville Memorial Park.

The project was split 50/50 between the City of Nashville and the Nashville Memorial Park District. The original bid estimate from Lake Contracting was for $31,816, but due to favorable weather helping to shorten the project’s duration and thus, labor costs, the end bill came out to $22,347.66 – or $11,173.83 for the city portion.

In addition to the bridge, the approaches to the bridge were redone by city crews. The materials costs for this were $2,244.82, or $1,122.41 for the city’s half.

Mower Bids

The council received two bids for a new zero-turn lawnmower. The bids received were from Diedrich Implements, with a bid of $5,000 including the trade of the old mower, and from Restoff True Value Hardware, for $7,250 with the trade. The council approved the bid from Diedrich.

Activated Carbon Purchase

The council approved a bulk purchase of activated carbon for the city water plant. At a per pallet load price, the cost would be $1.27 per pound, but the cost per pound would go down to $0.785 per pound with a purchase of a truckload-level quantity, 44,000 pounds, equaling a savings of roughly $21,340 for the bulk purchase over the pallet-sized purchase.

The purchase of the carbon at the bulk rate was approved by the council, at a total cost of $34,540 for 44,000 pounds.


Following the purchase of a new pickup truck which will go to the city water plant, one of the city’s older trucks, a 2001 Ford, will be sold at an upcoming auction at the Washington County Fairgrounds.

The council approved the February Treasurer’s Report and filed it for audit.

The city will be seeking a person to fill a janitor’s position at public works. The council approved taking out ads seeking to fill the position.

Spring Fire Hydrant flushing will start soon. Flushing will run from April 3 through April 14, and city crews will work from the north side of town and head south during that time.

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