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IEPA Makes Follow-Up Inspection At Nashville Compost Site

The gate at the City of Nashville’s compost site is now locked – citizens will be able to drop waste off there on Wednesdays and Saturdays from April through January, and at other times if arrangements are made with public works.

New Rules To Be Added To Permit

By Alex Haglund

    Nashville City Streets Department superintendent Rich Schuette told the city council at their second March meeting on Thursday, March 16 that an Illinois Environmental Protection Agency inspector made another surprise inspection of the Nashville Compost site.

Schuette reported on an IEPA inspection earlier, when the inspector told the city that the gate to the site needed to be shuttered from now on.

After that previous inspection and report, Schuette and the streets and alleys committee discussed what could be done to satisfy the IEPA’s order to shutter the gate and still be able to provide the use of the compost site to Nashville citizens and easy access to Nashville City employees.

At the March 16 meeting, Schuette stated that the city will be applying for a new five year IEPA permit for the compost site, with new wording which will allow citizens access to the site during posted hours on Wednesdays and Saturdays, and at other times if they were accompanied by a city employee.

“The first week was very difficult. People weren’t happy about it,” said Schuette. “Since then, everyone has been very understanding. It’s out of our hands and they understand that, and we appreciate it.”

The compost site’s regular hours are on Wednesdays and Saturdays, from April 1 through January 1. For use at other hours, citizens should contact public works at (618) 327-8918 and make arrangements that way.

Schuette did say that with the exception of the gate, the city of Nashville gets very high marks regarding everything at the compost site, particularly regarding their testing regimen and recording keeping, which Schuette credited to work done by city employee Linsey Lietz.

The idea of fencing the site as well as keeping the gate closed has been tabled for the time being.

“We’re trying to accommodate everybody here, but it can be difficult,” said Schuette, “we’re all busy and we can’t just wait around at the compost site. We will do our best though.”

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