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Lots Of Work, Limited Use In Near Future For Field

The Nashville Community High School Board heard two proposals for reconditioning the NCHS football field at their regular monthly meeting held on Monday, March 20. While the proposals did differ significantly, both plans acknowledged the current poor condition of the field. Work to aerate, reseed and recondition the field will begin, hopefully in time to return it to tip-top shape by the time the Hornets take to the field again in the fall.

By Brent Huelsmann

The proposal approved by the NCHS Board for the rehabilitation of the NCHS Football field was the one put forth by Head Hornets football Coach Tim Kuhn and his coaching staff.

Coach Kuhn noted that his plan was the best way to go because it would not cost the high school anything. Coach Kuhn along with the NCHS football coaching staff will take part in the project. Kuhn also noted that the coaching staff would be helped out by independent landscaper Chris Bauza and Josh Evans from the Nashville Municipal Golf Course.

Kuhn’s plan involves re-seeding the football field and busting up the middle of the field, where the playing surface has gotten compacted over the past couple of years. Kuhn’s goal is to the field loosened up, re-seeded, fertilized, and watered before letting Mother Nature take control.

As for a time frame, Coach Kuhn said, ““We’re going to get rolling this week. We’re a little behind the game as it is, but we’re going to get going this week.”

Kuhn went on to note that this would not be a quick fix. ““We’re doing everything we can to get it right, and get it heading in the right direction again. Knowing that this is not going to be a one year fix. This is probably a five or six year experience that we are going to have to work through.”

Kuhn noted that he wanted to get the field correct for the first time in a while.

As for the amount of activities, Kuhn noted that they would want to limit the amount of field usage in the future. He said it will have to be a group effort by everyone involved in using the field. ”We are going to have to find a way to minimize the activities. If it’s us at the high school not having band practice out there, Or us going out there on Thursdays. We have a goal post out on the practice field, but we’re trying to keep it as game-like as possible. I want them to have that visualization that this is what I’m going to do tomorrow night right out here. If we have to cut that back, we cut it back too.

Currently the Freshmen, JV, and Varsity football teams share the field with the Little Hornets football team, as well as some practices from the football team.

Coach Kuhn, also stressed that he doesn’t want to push the Little Hornets off the field, but the school needs to look at limiting the amount of activities that use the playing surface in the future.

Coach Kuhn said that since he has been with the program, the school has thrown money at the field each year in hopes of fixing the problem, but it’s not working. “Every year we throw money at it and it’s not getting fixed, it’s not correct. It’s not getting a chance. So why chase bad money after bad money. To me it’s wasteful to keep throwing stuff at it and not getting anything in return.

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