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States Attorney Donates To Okawville Police Department

    States Attorney Daniel Bronke, RIGHT, made a donation of $3,147 to the Okawville Police Department, accepted by Okawville Police Chief Steve Millikin, LEFT, to go towards the purchase of three sets of “Stop sticks”, a digital camera and a battery and charger for a handheld LIDAR unit.

By Jill Moon

    States Attorney Daniel Bronke attended the March meeting of the Okawville Village Board. He has purchased and donated the following items from the police department’s “Wish List”:

Three sets of stop sticks, plus training set and instructions for $2,028.

A Canon Rebel digital camera, with accessories for $770.

A battery and charging unit for the handheld lidar unit for $349.

These items totaled a donation of $3,147. Police Chief Stephen Milliken accepted the check on behalf of the department.

Bronke said it was his pleasure to support the Okawville Police Department and he and the whole community appreciated all their efforts in the community. Police Committee Chairwoman Sarah Deterding gave “a personal thank-you” to Bronke for his gift.

Deterding also reported the village received in March over $620.00 in fines from the circuit clerk and over $3,573.00 in video gaming receipts. Reporting for absent Personnel and Property Chairwoman Ronda Pryor, Deterding said that in March that committee had discussed potential village employee salary increases starting May 1.

Mayor David Jasper remarked that he was frustrated with the current judge because it didn’t seem like many offenders were actually going to jail. He said police officers go out there and work so hard to catch these offenders and not very many of them actually go to jail.

Bronke replied that “The current trend is to keep as many drug offenders out of jail as possible and steer them into treatment”.

Giving the Water/Sewer report for an absent Brian Nelson, Streets/Sidewalk Chairman Nathan Dick asked the board to approve the building of a fence by Handy Helper Fencing at the ILS Lift Station for a cost of $5,500 or less. All necessary permits have been obtained.

He also asked for approval to buy an 8’x20’ ConX storage container for the pump station. It would be used to store pumps and hoses and the concrete pad for it has already been poured. Both proposals passed.

Circle K now has 5 video gaming machines up and running.

Mayor Jasper told the board that the village is actively pursuing moving out older trailers and the new owners of the trailer park are hoping to bring in some new ones, but it is a slow process as the village has to have the gas and sewer disconnected and pay for the removal.

Jasper remarked, “You can’t touch some of these old trailers because the the utility bills and property taxes are paid up.”

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