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Alicia Heggemeier Named Hornets Athletic Director

    Alicia Heggemeier.

By Alex Haglund and Brent Huelsmann

    The Nashville Community High School Board held their reorganizational meeting on the evening of Monday, May 1, and in addition to the regular business of an initial meeting of a new board the board also went into closed session for personnel issues, and upon returning to open session, named business teacher Alicia Heggemeier the district’s new athletic director, replacing Wayne Harre, who tendered his resignation effective April 11.

“I have my administrative degree, I’ve had it for a while,” Heggemeier said. “I’ve never wanted to be a principal or in those types of roles. Organization, making things look good, and being the face of things is something I feel that I have a good knack for and will be able to put those types of things into place to continue the tradition that Nashville has.”

“Although not born and raised as a Nashville Hornet, my ties of marrying a Nashville Hornet and having one son go through and hoping for another son come through the athletic program,” Heggemeier continued, “I look forward to continuing success in all Nashville programs girls and boys both and dedicating my time and energy to making Nashville great, always.”

Heggemeier also spoke about the importance to her of Nashville students’ success academically, as well as athletically.

“Athletics is something I have been involved in since I walked in the door at Nashville and for the last ten years,” said Heggemier. “It is nothing new to me. A little scary, but something I look forward to.”


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