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Raymond Kolweier Presides Over Final Meeting As Mayor Of Nashville

    Retiring Nashville Mayor Raymond Kolweier said a few words on the evening of Thursday, May 4, before handing off his gavel to newly sworn in Mayor Erik Rolf. Next to Kolweier are City Treasurer Rose Ann Hunter and City Clerk Joyce Sheridan. May 4 was both of their last meeting as well.

By Alex Haglund

    “It’s been a good adventure, and a good challenge, and I certainly appreciate everything that we’ve done here throughout that time,” said Nashville Mayor Raymond Kolweier on the evening of Thursday, May 4, the last city council meeting that he would be presiding over following a 44-year career of service to the city of Nashville – 20 as a city councilman and 24 as the city’s mayor.

Kolweier wasn’t the only longtime fixture of the City of Nashville to say farewell at the meeting, with Joyce Sheridan, city clerk and formerly city councilwoman, and Rose Ann Hunter, city treasurer, also departing after decades of service to Nashville. Jeannie Hoffman, while not an elected official, was also recognized at the meeting, and has also retired after a long career working for Nashville.

Taking over the reins as mayor is the newly elected Erik Rolf, who was previously serving as a city councilman. He was sworn in, along with the city’s new clerk, Terrie Kurwicki, and the new city treasurer, Ricki Heggemeier.

City Councilmen sworn in included Josh Fark and Doug Hargan, who were reelected, and Kelly Sheridan, husband to Joyce Sheridan, who is newly elected to the council. Finally, Sue Finke was appointed to the council by Mayor Rolf, taking over the remainder of his term as city councilperson.

Following the officials being sworn in, a slew of appointments was made, including Councilman Terry Kozuszek, named Mayor Pro Tem; William DeMoss, city attorney; Curry and Associates, city engineers; Blaine Middleton, utilities superintendent; Richard Schuette, street department superintendent and zoning administrator; Brian Fletcher, chief of police; and Terrie Kurwicki, city collector.

During departmental reports later in the meeting, Middleton, Schuette and Fletcher, all of whom were appointed to their positions by Kolweier took the opportunity to thank him, both for his service and for their appointments.

New city committees were also announced at the meeting. (The respective committee’s chairperson is the first name listed) These included:

  •     Police Committee: Fark, Kozuszek, Sheridan
  •     Streets: Kozuszek, Finke, Sheridan
  •     Water and Sewer: Hargan, Fark, Finke
  •     Gas: Dennis Kellerman, Kozuszek, Hargan
  •     City Property and Zoning: Finke, Fark, Kellerman
  •     Finance and Insurance: Sheridan, Hargan, Kellerman
  •     Golf Course Board Liason: Hargan
  •     Library Board Liason: Kellerman
  •     Safety Committee Liason: Sheridan


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