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NCHS Counselor’s Report – May 17, 2017

Nashville Community High School
Phone: (618) 327.8286 Fax: (618) 327.4513
Web Address:
Tesha Maschhoff X250; Becky Luessenheide X381;
Susan Boosinger X251

Boys State: Any boy who is finishing his junior year and is interested in attending Boys State should sign up in the Counseling Office.  At Boys State, students experience “learn by doing” training to understand the rights, privileges, duties, and responsibilities of citizenship and government. Boys State will be held at Eastern Illinois University from June 10-June 16.

Semester Exams: Semester Exams for Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors are May 16 (periods 1, 2, 3), May 17 (periods 4 and 5, 2:10 dismissal), and May 18 (periods 6 and 7, 11:30 dismissal).

May 18: Day 3

6th hour exam: 8:12-9:47

7th hour exam: 9:55-11:30

Chromebook Return: 11:30-11:45

1. Students are to attend each exam period at the scheduled time appropriate to their classes.

2. If a student has study hall and/or PE, he/she may arrive late or leave early.

3. Students will remain in the classroom for the length of the exam period. Students should not be in the hallways for any reason during the exam periods.

4. Exams must be given during the scheduled time.  Any deviation from this must be cleared by the administration in advance.

5. The semester exam is worth 15% of the semester grade.

6. Exams are a course requirement.  All students must take the final exam to pass the class.

7. Each exam period will be 90 minutes in length.

8. Students are not allowed to leave the building during breaks.

Summer School:  There are two types of summer school offered in our area.  Students may take summer school classes to compensate for graduation deficiencies.  Parents and students are encouraged to contact the counseling office about registering.  Summer school fills quickly and space is limited.

Summer school for enrichment purposes is also available; however high school credit will not be awarded for these classes.  Kaskaskia College offers summer scholarships for current high school freshman, sophomore, and junior students.  Students can take a class with 50% tuition waived through the Jumpstart program.  Students are responsible for all fees, textbook cost, and half of tuition.  Applications for the Jumpstart program and Kaskaskia College’s summer course schedule are available in the NCHS counseling office or online

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