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Letter: May Is Myositis Awareness Month

Dear Editor,

I live in Nashville and have a chronic disease known as myositis.

The disease affects relatively few Americans (50,000 – 75,000), but for  those who have the disease it can be very debilitating.  While I am one of the unlucky few to have this disease, there are probably others in our community who have the disease and do not realize it.  Myositis is an autoimmune disease often mistaken for other diseases such as lupus, multiple sclerosis and even Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Following is a new advisory that I hope you will consider publishing during May which has been declared Myositis Awareness Month by The Myositis Association (TMA).

TMA is an international patient-based charity that funds research into treatments for myositis and educates patients and the health community about this rare chronic disease.

I would be glad to provide you with details of my journey in trying to cope with this disease.

Your help is important in letting people who are newly diagnosed with a rare disease such as myositis know that they are not alone, and that education, support and access to quality care is available to them.  You can profoundly impact the lives of those myositis.

Connie Wiese

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