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Nashville Community High School Board Makes Statement Of Support For Superintendent Ernie Fowler

On Monday, May 24, the Nashville Education Association, which represents NCHS faculty, released a statement that at their May 9 meeting, their members took a vote and voiced an opinion of no confidence in District 99 Superintendent Ernie Fowler. Following this release, the NCHS Board released their own statement, wherein they express their support for Fowler. This letter was received after the May 24 edition of The Nashville News was printed, but is published below.

We, the Nashville Community High School District #99 School Board, believe that Superintendent Ernie Fowler is conducting himself honestly, effectively, and professionally. We have not felt misled by his actions in any way.

In 2015 the NCHS School Board did not take lightly the search for a new superintendent when we learned of the pending retirement of our district’s former leader. After an extensive search and much time spent on references and personal correspondence, the School Board hired Mr. Fowler to lead District #99 into the future. In the two years since being hired, Mr Fowler has overseen the removal of asbestos in the school and the subsequent updating of the interior of the school. During the remodel, Mr. Fowler found several ways to save tax payer funds in order to be a good steward to of the district’s finances.

We, the NCHS School Board, have witnessed Mr. Fowler’s interaction with the students to be very positive. We also, feel that there have been times when Mr. Fowler has been called upon to make some difficult decisions and has made those to the best of his ability, utilizing as much fairness and support as was possible in each situation.

We, the NCHS School Board, believe that the students and families of District #99 are in good hands under the direction of Mr. Fowler and we the NCHS School Board believe that the recent vote of No Confidenceby the Nashville Education Association is baseless and without merit.

We, the NCHS School Board, have no intention of removing Mr. Fowler from his position as superintendent of Nashville Community High School District #99.


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