Lamplighters HCE Meets For May At Oakdale Townhall

Betty Renken hosted the May meeting of Lamplighters HCE at the Oakdale Town Hall. Members answered roll call by telling their first sign of aging.

Myrene Alfeldt gave the lesson, “I’m Positive I’m Aging”. The lesson’s main focus was to have a positive outlook on aging. Frank Lloyd Wright said, “The longer I live, the more beautiful life becomes.”

President Mary McClay thanked Betty Renken, Marjorie May, and Shirley Hagene for decorating the hall and tables for the annual meeting.

Betty served delicious refreshments of a layer dessert, fruit plate, juice, and coffee.

The next meeting will be June 14 at 7 pm. in the Oakdale Town Hall with Shirley Hagene as hostess.

Alice Brammeier will give the lesson, “Simplify Your Life by Clearing the Clutter.