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Okawville School Board Sets Goals For Upcoming School Year

By Alex Johannes

    The West Washington County Community Unit District #10 Board of Education met for their regular monthly meeting on the evening of Wednesday, May 25.

The board approved a variety of ways to improve their school district beginning in the 2017-2018 school year.

The trickle down effects of the Illinois State Budget crisis was also discussed.

According to Okawville Grade School Principal, Leon Spinka, 47-percent of all disciplinary infractions resulted from the tardiness of students.

At last month’s meeting, members proposed a change to the consequences regarding tardies.

Changes within the correlation of the tardies to the punishment were approved after Wednesday’s second reading of the handbook.

Two sessions (morning and afternoon) of pre-school classes, with approximately 40 total students, were added into the curriculum beginning next school year.

Both classes are completely funded by the Regional Office of Education.

Plans for a new community-involved paper recycling initiative were announced by Okawville Junior Senior High School Principal, Keith Senior.

For every ton of paper recycled through the school, Royal Oaks Recycling will pay five dollars back to the school district.

In addition to making money for the school, it will strengthen the knowledge of several students in classes where environmental science is a topic.

Board member Greg Toensing, was approved as the 2017-2018 School Lunch Program “Appeal Person.”

Superintendent Scott Fuhrhop, held a lengthy conversation consisting of the Illinois Budget Crisis with the example of how no funding affects dual credit mandates and how it will eventually hurt the students’ education in the long run.

In order for certain teachers to be qualified to have dual credit classes, they will be required to have a Master’s degree.

Fuhrhop made the point how if teachers are forced to get their mandates, they can end up in a better occupation and leave, which would affect the overall education of students.

No action was taken during the closed session of the meeting.

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