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Riding The Rails With Hobo Dave

    Outgoing Washington County Historical Society President David Marshall or “Hobo Dave”, RIGHT, gave a presentation for the Historical Society’s annual banquet on the railroads of Washington County, assisted by real life railroader Bob Howard, LEFT. There were many more railroads and short lines in the county 100 or even 50 years ago and it used to cost $0.40 to go to St. Louis from Nashville, or $0.65 to get to Evansville, Ind. Kids would ride the train to school, even going as short distances as from Nashville to Ashley. While things on the railroads mostly worked very well, “sometimes, people got things wrong,” said Hobo Dave, and “in 1912, things got really wrong.” There was a two engine collision then, near the Nashville coal mine, and people from town came out to the smoking wreckage of the trains and posed for photos. That wasn’t the only tragedy described by Marshall and Howard, who also described the 1917 shootout that resulted in the death of Washington County Sheriff Jacob May.

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