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Hoyleton Dedicates Veterans Memorial

TOP, John Langenfeld and Michael Caplinger lay the Marines wreath, having saluted in respect of all Veterans.

By Patricia Rensing

Memorial Day brought us beautiful weather. More beautiful than that was the dedication to the Veteran’s Memorial Tribute in Hoyleton.

The Veteran’s Tribute was brought off the ground by Ron and Deb (Michael) Holle.  Having a vision, putting it on paper, and bringing it to fruition, Ron and Deb brought the community together brick by brick.

As Deb Holle stated, “It was an awesome day for Hoyleton.”

Mark Styninger served as the Master of Ceremony delivering a well structured program honoring all branches of the service as his voice carried over the crowd.

Ron and Deb Holle in front of the memorial.

Approximately 500 people gathered throughout the street and park giving honor and remembering our Veterans.

Speakers included, Capt. Guy Zierk, Retired Air Force Roger Schaeffer, Congressman John Shimkus, and Phil Jones.

Representing their respective branch of service by placing a wreath by their emblem on the wall were Matthew and Cary Kasten, Army; Roy Haake, Navy; Brett Hanenberger, Air Force; John Langenfeld and Michael Caplinger, Marines; and Melissa Logan Sanders, Coast Guard.

Stephen Simon, son of Gabe and Suzanne (Rensing) Simon located his Uncle Donald Miessner’s brick.

Claude Earle Post 887 presented the colors.  Devin Brammeier and a group of young volunteers enthralled the crow with the inspirational “Deck of Cards.”

Terry and Doris Emrick spoke heartfelt remarks calling for the remembrance of all who gave their all.

Pastor Nate Wollenberg’s devout prayers in opening and closing the dedication were appreciated by all present.

Alvin Sacthleben was recognized by Phil Jones for 70 years membership in the American Legion.

Hoyleton Fire Protection District staged a pair of trucks behind the tribute wall.  Brad Rommelmann, Craig Spenner, Brent Schorfheide, and Terry Rueter stood at attention throughout the ceremony in their dress uniforms.

The Independent Silver Band, led by Bill Reynolds and featuring singer Dean Mounts entertained prior to the ceremony.  A melodic sing-a-long of the Star Spangled Banner, true patriotism openly displayed as hands covered hearts for our Pledge of Allegiance; and the audience quietly dispersing as the band played “Nearer My God to Thee” as the dedication concluded clearly set the theme of the day – God Bless America!


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