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Nashville Education Association To Speak With NCHS Board In Closed Session

By Alex Haglund

    Following up to the vote of no confidence that was announced with regards to Nashville Community High School Superintendent Ernie Fowler in May, the Nashville Education Association, the NCHS Teachers Union, has put out a statement saying that they will be at the June 26 meeting of the NCHS Board, and that they will be meeting with the board in closed session.

The statement, reprinted below, also thanks the board for their willingness to hear from the NEA, and thanks members of the public for the support shown to the teachers, and ends with a statement that those supporters could be present during the open session portion of the meeting.

The statement reads:

    “The Nashville Education Association and the NCHS School Board have agreed to meet in closed session at the June 26th board meeting to address the concerns presented in our Vote of No Confidence regarding Superintendent Ernie Fowler. We are encouraged by the board’s willingness to open a dialogue that enables us to give them a complete understanding of our concerns and to take appropriate measures to resolve the leadership issues NCHS is currently facing. The Nashville Education Association would like to thank the public for the support shown over the past several weeks. You may continue to show your support during the open session of the June 26th board meeting.”

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