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City Planning To Crack Down On Unkempt Yards And Messy Properties

By Alex Haglund

Those with messy, unkempt or unmowed properties in Nashville should get to work on cleaning them up, said Nashville Mayor Erik Rolf at the Nashville City Council meeting on Thursday, June 15.

“We are going to be cracking down on properties that are not being maintained,” Rolf said at the council’s second regular meeting for the month of June.

“We have changed our billing,” Rolf continued, “and if we now have to mow, it’s going to cost quite a bit more than it used to.”

Rolf said that he and members of the Nashville Police Department have heard the complaints from residents regarding nuisance properties in the area and that this crackdown is being undertaken to address the issue.

The council also wanted Nashville citizens to be aware of changes to the trash schedule following the July 4 Independence Day.

Because July 4 is a Tuesday, all of the trash pickups for that week will be one day later than they were. So, Tuesday trash pickups will be done on Wednesday, July 5; Wednesday trash pick ups will be delayed until Thursday, July 6; and Thursday trash pick ups will be on Friday, July 7.

Glow Run

The Washington County Fair will be hosting a 5K “Glow Run” on Thursday, July 13. Unlike most 5Ks and benefit runs, this one will begin at 9 p.m., yes, p.m., explaining the “glow” part of the name.

Rolf said that the fair board had contacted him about the run and, “I did speak to the Chief (Brian Fletcher) and he didn’t have a problem with it, he thought that he could have someone there.”

Due to the Glow Run being held in the evening, help was requested from the police department in guarding the runners from traffic as they cross IL-15, then cross again on the way back.

The race will start at the Washington County Fairgrounds at 9 p.m. on Thursday, July 13,. Registration is from 6 to 8:30 p.m. For information or to register, send an email to Runners who register before June 30 will be guaranteed a Glow Goodie Bag.


The council approved a transfer of $3,000 from the general fund into the Police Department K9 fund. These period transfers help to pay for the upkeep and care of the department’s K9 dog, Ava, and are supplemented by occasional donations from community members and police supporters as well.

The police department’s email servers have also been delivered.

“The servers we received,” said Police Committee Chair Josh Fark. “We are going to use the money in the police fund which is $10,000 (from a donation ot the department) to help pay for some of that.”

After the $10,000, the amount of the servers left to pay is $4,592.83.

These servers will give the police, and the rest of the city as well, a secure place to host emails, which will also give them the ability to have “.gov” email addresses, which is necessary for applying for certain programs and grants.


The city council will be having a gas committee meeting at 7 p.m. on June 28, at city hall.

There will be no zoning board of appeals meeting for June.

There will be a planning commission meeting at 7:30 p.m. on June 29, at Public Works.

The library requested and will receive a $150 donation to help pay for the annual Library Summer Reading Program.

Councilor Doug Hargan said that a drone company (he couldn’t recall their name) would be coming to film overhead views of the Nashville Memorial Golf Course. Hargan then said that they would be putting the views of the course online, where he hoped it would help to bring visitors to the course. The service will be free to the city.

It’s getting to the time of year when the city will hold their annual employee picnic. Rolf asked the councilors about when they would like to schedule the event, suggesting a Friday in late August or early September. A firm date will be set later.

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