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County’s New Tax Software Will Allow Debit And Credit Cards To Be Accepted

By Alex Haglund

Washington County Treasurer Darlene Ostendorf came before the Washington County board at their regular June meeting on Tuesday, June 13 and gave them a brief rundown on recent activities in her office, including telling them about changes that will allow residents to pay their tax bills with a credit or debit card.

There will be training happening soon for the county’s new tax software (which will be used by a few different county offices), and Ostendorf said that this also means that changes will be coming to the tax bills people receive from the county.

Ostendorf mentioned that the new software will be what enables them to accept payments on real estate taxes due to the county, “online, rain or shine, and using a debit or credit card.”

There will be a fee for this service, Ostendorf stated, as the payments will be accepted through an outside vendor that the county will contract with for the service.

Ostendorf said that her office is currently collecting mobile home taxes, they’re about 55-percent collected at the time of the meeting, and the due date is June 30.

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