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Ladies Golf Association June Meeting

The Nashville Ladies Golf Association met on June 6 in the pavilion by the golf course. Cathy Shew, our co-president opened the meeting. All were happy to see Ann Sachtleben in attendance. Minutes were read and the motion to approve by Jane Miller seconded by Gina Asberry. All were in favor. Treasures report by Kathy Dahncke, motion to approve by Gine Asberry and seconded by Jane Miller. All approved. Under Old Business, the article in the Nashville News by Palma Stiegman and picture of our ladies was applauded. A plaque is ordered to be placed on the back of the stone.

Nashville Ladies Tournament on June 10th is full- 18 teams both morning and afternoon. Great job Tina Labusier and Joyce Sheridan for all your work. The sign up for breakfast treats and fruit is fine. Good weather is on the agenda!

Concerning the Nashville-Okawville challenge for July 11 at 5:15- a sign up sheet is placed on the bulletin board. Presently, we have six teams. We need a meal for approximately 55 ladies and a location. Gina Asberry and Cheryl Colbrook kindly volunteered to take care of the drinks and order the fried chicken. All members are expected to bring a dish. The meal will be at the pavilion. Sue Pries will take care of the sign up sheet for food.

Under New Business, Cathy informed us about open slots on jobs- Chairman for Handicap Tournament, Play of week, and July 4 meeting. Discussion was held about the July 4th meeting and a motion was made by Cary Iftner and seconded by Barb Crouse to change the meeting to Thursday, July 6h due to the July July 4th holiday. The August meeting will be taken care of by Guest Day committee and Guest Day will be August 1. There was a short discussion about a league rule: Colette Niermann inquired about what happened when a yard maker is hit by the golf ball. Charlene Stiegman pointed out our league rule which states that the ball can be replayed without penalty, but the second ball must be played (No choice). Next, we had the awarding of Chip-in Ricki Heggemeier won 2, Cary Iftner won 1 and Fran Sinn won 1. The Par 3 Challenge was won by Karen Lankeheit, Irene Going, Jane Miller, and Cheryl Colbrook. The Play of the Week was distributed by Karen Lankeheit for May. The motion to adjourn was made by Gina and seconded again by Jane. The meeting was adjourned and scramble prizes were handed out.

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