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Hornets Get New Athletic Trainer

Antony Frierdich took over as the new Athletic Trainer at NCHS this past week, replacing Jon Becker who resigned from the position in late February.

As the school sports begin to get ready for the 2017-18 school year, Nashville Community High School has welcomed a new athletic trainer into the fold. Antony Frierdich started at Nashville Community High School this past week, filling a position that was left vacant when Jon Becker resigned to take a job in the New York Yankees organization.

Frierdich is a 2006 graduate of Mater Dei, and last year was an athletic trainer at East St. Louis Sr. High School. Frierdich talked about what he expects as he begins his job at NCHS. “It’s a little bit smaller than the last high school I worked at (East St. Louis), a lot less athletes, a little change of pace, but I think I’m going to be able to make a big impact here, and just bring the athletic training position back to the school. I know they had one in the past that they really missed him. I know a lot of places that once they have one and then they don’t have one it’s a really missed position.”

Frierdich went on to discuss his responsibilities as the athletic trainer. “I’ll be working with all of the athletes, mainly prevention, rehabilitation, strength and conditioning, bracing, taping, just basically trying to keep the athletes on the field, as best I can.”

Frierdich comes to Nashville already being a little familiar with the Hornets.“My brief experience with Nashville was probably playing football in high school at Mater Dei. That’s about it. I think this is probably about maybe my second time being in Nashville, doing anything with athletics.”

Frierdich is also familiar with Becker before he became the Athletic Trainer at NCHS in 2014. “I knew Jon Becker before he even worked at Nashville. Me and him both went to McKendree together, he was a year behind me in school. So I knew him when he first started here, and have been in contact with him to kind of get a feel for what to expect here at Nashville. Obviously its a lot different than East St. Louis, just to kind of make that transition a little smoother.”

Frierdich just started his tenure with the Hornets but already is looking towards getting to know the coaches. “I met the football coach (Stephen Kozuszek), come to find out I think I played against some of these coaches in high school. I haven’t met the rest of the programs, but that’s just because it is summertime, and schedules are kind of all over the place, so hopefully I get all of those figured out and get to talk with them before preseason starts in August.”

Hornets Head Football Coach Stephen Kozuszek stated that while he had not had a lot of interaction with Frierdich, he believes that he will mesh well with the players and staff.

While Frierdich was the Athletic Trainer at East St. Louis last season, he says he is looking forward to being at a smaller school. “Just the kind of change of pace, I think that is going to be the thing I’m looking forward to the most. Just that kind of slowed down, still competitive, just not as big school feel as what the last job was.”

As for who he will be rooting for when the Hornets match up against the Knights, Frierdich just smiled and said, “The guys in blue.”

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