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Pack 127 Cub Scouts Get A Firefighting Lesson

The Cub Scouts of Nashville’s Pack 127 got a firefighting lesson on Tuesday evening, July 18.

The night was their “water night”, and they had some special help from Nashville Fire Protection District Volunteer Firefighters Chris Frerker and Seth Dinkelman, who came to the Scout House at Memorial Park with a tanker/pumper truck freshly topped off with 1,600 gallons of water.

All the Cub Scouts got to try their hand at spraying the firehose, with Frerker helping to manage and control the weight while Dinkelman ran the truck’s pump, capable of blasting as much as 2,000 gallons a minute, if a fire emergency calls for it.

While the scouts were spraying, Dinkelman ran the hoses at a pressure of about 55 psi. Once they got finished, the scouts’ adult leaders also got a chance to try it out, with Dinkelman raising the pressure up to 90-105 psi so that they could feel the difference (and understand why there are typically two firefighters managing the hose in a real fire).

After everyone had a shot at it, the firefighters wrapped the hose up and then Frerker climbed atop the truck and emptied out the tank from the turret sprayer, with scouts, other kids who happened to be passing by, and even the leaders taking the time to play in the deluge (and cool off too!)

After the firefighters departed, the scouts (pictured holding two-liter bottles in some of the photos) made compressed air and water rockets from the bottles, rounding out a fun and educational water night.

Some Photos in the gallery were received by the Nashville News Courtesy of Pack 127 leader Marshall Goostree.

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