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Nashville Library Wraps Up Summer Reading Program, Plans Eclipse Luncheon

Some of the Top Ten Readers from the 2017 Summer Reading Program.

Nashville Public Library concluded Summer Reading with Abra-Kidabra on July 12.

The theme was Read by Design and we designed buildings, ice cream, paper airplanes and art.

We started off the Summer with Eric Spencer talking about architecture and how the library was built.

They then designed ice cream sundaes with Washington County Farm Bureau. Decorating the parking space was a lot of fun as they used colored chalk as a base and then peppered it with colored sand from catapults.

We moved on to paper airplanes and a puppet theatre the next two weeks. Third to sixth graders designed buildings each day and read the 13 Story Tree House.

They also designed a ball machine on the last day in which the ball went through a small labrynth.

This year children read for a total of 32,000 minutes with total attendance at 202 for the Summer.

Our top ten readers were Natalie Finke, Josephine Bronke, Juloe Helbig, Rodney Helbig, Addie Harre, Marley Meinert, Callie Harre, Hayden Finke, Arianna Haglund, and Ariana Arnold.

We will be holding an Eclipse Luncheon on August 21 at the library. The eclipse is supposed to be 99‰ here in Nashville. We will provide a subway party sandwich, drinks and viewing glasses. Bring another meat, side dish and or dessert and join us. We will put out information and trivia while we watch the eclipse. Have fun from 12-2:30pm.

Limited to 30 people RSVP by August 16.

To sign up for any program call 327-3827 or email

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