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This Week’s Pets For Adoption – July 26, 2017


This week’s pet for adoption is this very nice four-year-old female spayed cat named Jasmine.

The Nashville News staff did not read the email from the Partners for Pets closely enough and already came up with the far-less-distinguished name of “Fluffernutter”, but she’d probably prefer Jasmine.

She does not like dogs and would do much better being the only cat in the house. She will not eat can cat food only dry food. She also likes to drink from a faucet and play in the water. She may be seen at the shelter.

Other animals up for adoption include a three-year-old spayed female brown mix breed, a seven-year-old male tri-color mix breed, a nine-year-old male tan pit mix, a three-year-old neutered male brindle/white boxer/ pit mix, and a one-year-old female brindle pit mix.

There is one cat available for adoption at this time. If you are seeking a cat, please call ahead to see if any are available.

Dog adoption fee is $30, which includes an AVID identification chip and $50 off spaying or neutering.

The shelter also accepts donations of aluminum cans to help cover costs.

All animals may be seen at

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