South Central Transit Ridership Numbers Up

South Central Transit has experienced exciting times since 2006!

Ridership has increased by 178% – this equates to more rides to and from work, school, medical appointments, shopping and social activities. In 2006, average trips provided per month were 17,700; today SCT provides an average of 49,500 trips per month! In 2006 the majority of riders were seniors; today, adult riders have surpassed the seniors by twice the number.

This is due, in part, to the deviated shuttles that SCT has implemented over the past few years. Since 2011 Inter-city shuttles have been put in place that has allowed clients to travel within and between counties in SCT’s service district (Marion, Jefferson, Clinton, Washington, Franklin and Perry). The inter-city deviated shuttle routes allow the riders in the communities that we serve more options for employment as the shuttles were created to include stops that coincide with the shift changes of many large employers in SCT’s service district.

SCT continues to adapt to the needs of the public and to the change in rider profile. In 2014, SCT implemented Intra-city deviated shuttles within the cities of Centralia and Mt. Vernon. This service consists of many designated bus stops throughout each city that can be accessed without calling our scheduling department. By using these shuttles, a rider can jump on a bus and travel to just about any destination within the city. Both Centralia and Mt. Vernon have transfer stations that allow the rider to change buses, depending on the destination they wish to reach. Centralia’s transfer station is located at 100 N. Locust St. and Mt. Vernon’s is located at Times Square Mall. The buses meet at the transfer stations every hour from 7:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Public transportation has a direct economic impact on the local economy as it provides affordable access to job opportunities as well as provides shopping opportunities to many consumers who, without transportation, would be home bound. We hear testimonies daily from riders who state that they would not be able to work if it were not for SCT or would be unable to travel to medical appointments or buy groceries if not for the services that SCT provides.

The increased ridership over the years has naturally created a growth in employment opportunities at SCT as well. The number of employees has increased by 112% since 2006, which equates to 75 additional employees hired over the past eleven years.

SCT has helped to stimulate the economy by adding 4 facilities since 2006: an office and garage in West Frankfort, DuQuoin, Breese and Salem.

An additional maintenance garage was also added to the Breese facility in 2015.

SCT is proud to be an asset to the communities that it serves. The Managing Director and her staff have worked diligently over the years to make SCT the safe and affordable public transportation provider that it has become.

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