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“Super Science Engineering” Class Held At KC Nashville Education Center

Students who enrolled in the course. Maddox Ritzel, Nashville; Kolby Suedmeyer, Nashville, Jaylen Jones, Nashville, Zisheng Wen, Okawville, Austin Downey, Greenville; Dylan Hicks, Nashville and Instructor Erica Hicks.

A “Super Science Engineering” class was held at the KC Nashville Education Center. The class concluded the Summer KICK classes at Nashville.

This class covered such topics as “what makes bridges so strong ?”; “what makes roller coasters go so fast?” and the discussion also included types and causes of landslides.

Through brainstorming, students became engineers by designing their own bridge. In the picture you can see a couple of bridges build by students utilizing gumdrops and toothpicks.

For additional information about community education classes for the district, call 618-545-3485.

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