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Annual Jacob And Carrie Sinn Reunion

This year’s reunion was again held at New Athens Community Club on April 30, 2017 for a noon potluck dinner.

Those attending were from the Esther Shubert family: Lester and Marilyn Shubert; David, Susan, Peter, Hannah, and Grace Gutjahr; Mary, Ashley, and Abby Moss; Robert and Phyllis Shubert; Doris Sauerhage.

From Aletha Erb family: Gail Ford.

From Elmer Sinn family: Bill Sinn.

From Irene Triefenbach Family: Rod, Shiela; Josh and Ben Triefenbach, Brad, Betty. Michael Triefenbach and Merle and Sue Triefenbach, Jacob Kesler.

From the Viola Sinn family: Deanna Surmeier, Danny and Christine Seymour, Karl Gladson, Lyle and Lynette Sinn, Mike, Kim and Justin Sinn, Chris, Valerie, Elliot and Roy Sinn, Lynne and Janet Knecht.

From Leonard Sinn family: Lennie, Kim, Trevor and Tyler, Larry and Debbie Sinn. Lorene Sinn, Shirley Geralds, Mary Trentman, Loren Sinn.

From Linda Woodside family: Linda and Wyatt Woodside and Carrie Hand.

After a prayer for Aunt Viola who was in the hospital at the time and has since recovered, the meal and visiting was enjoyed. Pictures from previous reunions and parties were looked over and new pictures were taken to add to the album.

The committee for next year is Bill Sinn, Mary Moss, and Sheila Triefenbach.

We want to thank this year’s committee of Doris Sauerhage and Lynn Knecht for all of their work.

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