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Shelter Pets – August 23, 2017


“He is a year old male black lab mix. He seem to be pretty well mannered for a lab. My daughter has a lab and she says they don’t get a brain until they are 4,” said Dolly with the Washington County Partners For Pets of this week’s featured pet for adoption. “He was picked up in the country on Indian Road. Looks like he has been fed well, not skin and bones like some are that have been picked up.”

This guy’s Nashville News Staff-Suggested name is Strider.

Other dogs available for adoption include a three-year-old spayed female brown mix breed, a one-year-old male tan/black shepherd mix, a one-year-old male black/white J. Russel mix, a ten-year-old male white/tan hound mix, a two-year-old male red ticked coonhound, a six-month-old male black/tan german shepherd mix, a ten-year-old female black/white mix breed, a two-year-old male red ticked coonhound, a two-year-old male black/tan coonhound, a one-year-old male black lab, a one-year-old male tan chihuahua.

Various cats and/or kittens are usually available for adoption. Call or come by the shelter to inquire.

Dog adoption fee is $30, which includes an AVID identification chip and $50 off spaying or neutering.

The shelter also accepts donations of aluminum cans to help cover costs.

All animals may be seen at

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