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‘Thank You’ For The Baby Bottle Donations From Washington County Right To Life

Washington County Right to Life would like to thank all those who contributed to the Giant Baby Bottles that were displayed around the county. Your generosity helps enable mothers to keep their babies and care for them.

Washington County Right to Life has been serving the county for close to four decades. It has aided mothers and families by providing much needed, bottles, diapers and other items needed to care for their babies. While the organization provides these items and more for mothers in need, its goals are twofold.

All those who are age 44 and younger have never lived in a time when legal abortion was NOT the law of the land. WC Right to Life pursues the goal of educating the community to the facts concerning abortion.

Many people are simply not aware how large the abortion industry is, or the fact that it makes millions upon millions of dollars a year. Planned Parenthood receives 554 Million per year from the U.S. taxpayers alone. An abortion may cost between 350 to 1,500 dollars. In all, over 59 million babies have been aborted since 1973 in a manner that is inhumane, yet legal. According to Paul Waldman, writing for the American Prospect, May 26th, 2014 The number of American war dead from the time of the Revolutionary War to the present time is 1,264,123. The number of abortion deaths surpasses this number by almost 50 times. These deaths represent future taxpayers, doctors, lawyers, engineers scientists, clergy, working men and women, mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters.

WC Right to Life works to inform women of their rights and choices, to provide them opportunity and support to give birth to their baby, and either keep the child or give it up for adoption. Washington County Right to Life supports our right to life, and the pursuit of happiness.

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