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District 49 Call Home – August 30, 2017

A fundraising packet came home today with your child from

This is a new fundraiser we are trying this year. There are registration instructions in your child’s information packet. Once you have registered online, our school will start earning money from any online shopping you do with over 400 retailers. Thank you for your support! Please call Mr. Fairbanks if you have any questions.

Friday, September 1 is an 11:30 dismissal day. There will not be Jr. Hornets on Friday, September 1. The PSO Yankee Candle Fundraiser will begin on Friday, packets will be coming home on Friday.

Just some info regarding student attendance: If your child misses school to go to the Doctor or Dentist (the whole day or a half day) please get a note from the Doctor. Students who miss school five days in a semester for illness without a Doctor’s note will be required to have a Doctor’s note for any further absences. Also if your child misses three days in a row, a Doctor’s note is required for the third day to be excused.

Now some info on Fee, Jr Hornets, and Lunch Accounts: A new fee policy starts this year. I’m sure you noticed this entry in the Student Handbook. Students who owe (in combination) $50.00 or more for Registration Fees, in their Jr. Hornet Account and/or Lunch Account will not be allowed to go on Class Field Trips. Our first scheduled field trip is September 29th for our second grade. Fee account balances will be emailed home this Monday, each Monday a note comes home from Jr. Hornets if you owe Jr. Hornets money, and lunch account balances come home via email/statement each Thursday or Friday. Thanks for you continued cooperation. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call Mr. Fairbanks, his phone number is 327-4304 ext. 201.

Looking ahead:

No school on Monday, September 4 for Labor Day.

Don’t forget to check out our website for important information and fun stuff throughout the school year!

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