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Bradac Will Not Seek Reelection As Sheriff

For the last three years I have served as your Sheriff. Words cannot express how honored I am to have been elected into such a position of great community trust. Such a position must be taken seriously because, to put it simply, it is a big job. A person aspiring to be the Sheriff must take the decision to run for the office just as serious as myself and others who have held this office before me. If elected he or she must uphold the integrity and take many significant elements into consideration when deciding whether or not to run for another term.

It is with a heavy heart that I inform you that I will not be seeking a second term in office. This decision comes after great consideration of many factors. It is not a decision I have come to easily or taken lightly. I am so very proud of my time not only as Sheriff but my service in law enforcement here in Washington County for just over 15 years.
I will be leaving the office of Sheriff of Washington County on December 1, 2018. Although I am leaving office earlier than originally planned I can tell you that I have seen my office realize many of the goals I set during my campaign for office. Additionally, my staff and I have accomplished many things I am proud of. These things could not have been done without the staff who supported me throughout my term. Since December 1, 2014 my office had reduced spending on all office supplies, jail operations (such as feeding and medically treating inmates), utilities (by installing low cost lighting options in the jail, judicial center and courthouse), fuel (by utilizing tax free programs for government accounts), the day to day patrol operations. We utilized grants and government programs bringing in to date over $150,000. We have also upgraded equipment such as the radios the deputies use, their vehicles (which, by the way, are marked black and white for better visibility) and the equipment which they use, and some of the equipment used inside the jail. We have done all of this without taxpayer burden. I believe it is noteworthy that I continue to operate the office without asking for a significant raise in my budget throughout my entire term while salaries continue to rise (per union contracts). In short, each year I have used less taxpayer money to provide the services of the Sheriff’s Office.

I have devoted myself to the office. Outside of time spent in the office I have worked with legislators in support of new legislation consistent with the needs of Washington County law enforcement, dissented from legislation which would have an adverse effect on Washington County residents (at times by showing my face in Springfield), attended continuous training, and taken a role in drug addiction presentations, the Southern Illinois Chiefs of Police Association, Illinois Sheriff’s Association, and Amy Schultz Child Advocacy Center, Randolph/Washington County Opioid Coalition, The Washington County 911 Board, The Southern Illinois Child Death Investigation Task Force, and several other projected organizations which are yet to be realized (watch for future press releases).

Outside of law enforcement I have remained an active member of the Nashville Lions Club, the Washington County Republican Central Committee, coached little league baseball, and attended Boy Scouts in Nashville with my oldest son.

Over the last few years I have not been perfect. I have made mistakes and there are some things I would change if I could. However, I have a lot to be proud of. I can and will leave office with my head high with pride in my office and employees. Yet I am most proud of two things; that I have had the honor to serve you in such an extraordinary role as Sheriff and my family.

To conclude, I will not be seeking second term as Sheriff for reasons very private to me and my family. I appreciate your respect for my decision and my family’s privacy.

However, I can assure that my decision has nothing to do with neither announced nor rumored potential competition. It is a decision based on many factors but mainly what is best for my family.

Thank you to my staff and the rest of the law enforcement in Washington County. It has been a honor to serve with you all.

I cannot thank you, the citizens of Washington County, enough for your support. And even if you are not a supporter thank you for being a great part of a wonderful community that is Washington County. We truly live in a great place.

Respectfully submitted,
Sheriff Danny J. Bradac
Washington County

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