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Chris And Anna (Boelhorst) Frederking Family Reunion

The 31st Chris and Anna (Boelhorst) Frederking family reunion was held on Sunday, August 27th at Trinity Lutheran Church Fellowship Hall, Nashville. A potluck meal with fried chicken was enjoyed by all those in attendance. It was noted that the very first Chris Frederking, Sr. family reunion was held forty years ago on July 31, 1977. Annual reunions were held through the year 2000 and then they began holding reunions every two years.

Christian Frederking was the fifth child born to Fredrick and Christine Frederking on February 12,1852 in Germany. At a very young age he came to Washington County. In 1879 he was united in marriage with Anna Boelhorst at St. Peter’s Lutheran Church in Hahlen (five miles southwest of Nashville). They were the parents of eleven children.
As a means of introduction, the names of the children of Chris and Anna Frederking were read at which time the direct descendants of each child then stood and introduced themselves and their families. Alvina who married William Freimuth (children: Hulda Roethemeyer, Louise Markwardt, Freida Harre, Edna Hale, Emma Lichtenfels, Leona Ragland, Johanna Beek, and Elmer Freimuth); John who married Emma Harre, later married Dora Meinhardt, no children; Bertha who married Fred Harre (children: Elda Defend, Raymond and Wilfred Harre); Emma who died at a young age; Christ, Jr. who married Alvina Beckman (children: Elmer and Milburn Frederking); He later married Flora Wreath Lange. Gustav H. was killed in France in World War I. Louise who married Martin Toensing (children: Valeria Hasheider, Ewald and Norman Toensing); Gerhard married Laura Roethemeyer, (children: Melvin, Gladys Haake, and Alita Schorfheide). Oscar married Alinda Roesener, (children: Eldor, Bernice Bernthal, Dolores and Wilfred). Henry died in infancy. Adolph married Amanda Finke, (children: Lorraine Harre).

A brief time of recognition was given to the oldest family member in attendance -Lucille Nagel and Bernice Bernthal – both ninety years young in May 2017, the youngest family member in attendance -Dayton Wesseln and the family member that traveled the farthest – Lois Defend from Springfield, IL.

Those in attendance were: Esther Kemnetz, Wilmer and Peggy (Markwardt) Harre, Cindy Auld, Lucille Nagel, Judi Guthrie, Darrell and Alicia Vinson, Samuel, Oliver and Keaton, Nico Rodriguez, Roy F. Defend, Lois Defend, Valara Johnson, Pat and Cheryl Boyll, Ron and Marcile Jack, Marilyn Stiegman, Deb Meyer, Rod and Phyllis Silger, Rachel and Hanna Schmidt, Seth, Shana, Sophie and Spencer Silger, Lois Voelkel, Don Frederking, Carol Buhl, MaryAnn Thompson, Connie Frederking, Mark and Karen Frederking, Paul and Sarah Heggemeier, John, Tabatha, Mackenna and Dayton Wesseln, Wilfred and Mary Ann Frederking, Dolores Frederking, Bernice Bernthal, Pat Bernthal, Pam Loesel, Donna Swayze and Carson Cook, Bryan and Shelia Frieman, Butch Haake, Alita Schorfheide, Steve, Laurie and Mollie Eickmeyer, Aaron, Karri, Mason and Hanna Niedbalski, Bailey and Brianna Schorfheide, and Jayne Kolweier who stopped by briefly before lunch. A time of visiting and sharing photos and stories was enjoyed.

This year’s committee members were Marilyn Stiegman, Marcile Jack, Phyllis Silger and Deb Meyer.

Laurie Eickmeyer, Karri Niedbalski and Shelia Frieman volunteered to serve on the next family reunion committee to be held in two years.

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