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Venedy – August 30, 2017

Ora Mae Droege 824-6326

St. Salvator Lutheran Church, Venedy
Rev. Art Eichhorn, Pastor

9:00 am – Sunday School

10:00 am – Sunday Worship Service

Jeremiah 15: 15 – 21; Romans 12: 9 – 21; Matthew 16: 21 – 28

St. John’s United Church of Christ, Johannisburg
Rev. Bill Groennert, Pastor

8:30 am – Sunday Morning Worship Service

The July and August Mission Project is Irvington Food Pantry

The September and October Project is Hoyleton Ministry

Live life on the winning side. We may be only one person in this world, but we may also be the world to one person.

Stanley and Ora Mae Droege and Cindy McHenry spent the week attending Little League World Series baseball games in Williamsport, Pa.

Bake your cookies in a muffin tin: they’ll stay soft and fluffy and won’t spread out as thin as they normally would.

Friends paid their respects to the family of Laura Paszkiewicz on Saturday, August 26 at St. Ann’s Catholic Church in Nashville, followed by a Memorial Mass at 1:00 pm. A luncheon immediately followed in the school gymnasium. Laura was the mother of Gina Droege.

This Day in History

August 30, 1893 – First White House Presidential Baby. A baby girl, Esther, was born to Frances Cleveland (Mrs. Grover Cleveland).
August 31, 1957 – Malaysia Freedom Day.
September 1, 1999 – Germany: Capital returns to Berlin.
September 2, 1945 – VJ Day (Ratification) World War II.
September 3, 1783 – Treaty of Paris ends Revolutionary War.
September 4, 1882 – First electric lighting in lower Manhattan.
September 5, 1847 – Jesse James birth Anniversary.

Don’t miss Biddleborn’s Schlachfest Sunday. Venedy Band Plays from 2 – 4.

Steve and Gina Droege attended a disappointing St. Louis Cardinal vs. Tampa Bay Rays baseball game at Busch Stadium on Friday evening.

Bizarre and Unique Holidays

August – National Eye Exam Month
August 30 – Frankenstein Day
August 31 – National Eat Outside Day
September – National Courtesy Month
September 1 – Emma M. Nutt Day, the first telephone operator
September 2 – International Bacon Day
September 3 – Skyscraper Day
September 4 – Labor Day
September 5 – Cheese Pizza Day

Learn to live one day at a time. Make every day a good day.

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